Algebraic and Symplectic Aspects in Degenerations of Complex Surfaces

24(Mon) -- 28(Fri) June 2019

Korea Institute for Advanced Study, Republic of Korea / 8101 Conference Room

The subject of this school and workshop is the interaction of algebraic and symplectic geometries on MMP and its applications to topology, embeddings of rational homology balls, bounding singularities, symplectic fillings of complex surface singularities, and related topics.

Invited Speakers

  • Yonghwa Cho _ Korea Institute for Advanced Study
        • Exceptional collections arising from toric degenerations of del Pezzo surfaces
  • Hakho Choi _ Korea Institute for Advanced Study
        • Symplectic fillings of weighted homogeneous complex surface singularities
  • Jonathan David Evans _ Lancaster University
        • Lectures on symplectic embeddings of rational homology balls
  • Wenfei Liu _ Xiamen University
        • On the volumes of log canonical surfaces
  • Kyungbae Park _ Seoul National University
        • 1. Definite intersection forms of 4-manifolds with boundary
        • 2. Spherical 3-manifolds bounding rational homology balls
  • İrem Portakal _ Otto-von-Guericke-Universität
        • On deformations and mutations of toric varieties
  • Giancarlo Urzúa _ Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
        • On the explicit MMP for one parameter degenerations of surfaces
  • Weiyi Zhang _ University of Warwick
        • Pseudoholomorphic subvarieties in an exceptional curve class



  • You do not need to register in advance.

Financial support: CLOSED.

  • Limited financial support for the accommodation will be available for advanced graduate students and recent PhDs who study in KOREA. If you would like to apply for support please send a publication list (recent PhDs) / short recommendation from your adviser (PhD students) to Dongsoo Shin:
    • Deadline for requesting support: May 20, 2019 / CLOSED

Organizing Committee

  • JongHae Keum _ Korea Institute for Advanced Study
  • Heesang Park _ Konkuk University
  • Dongsoo Shin _ Chungnam National University
  • Giancarlo Urzúa _ Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Sponsored by

  • BK21plus Mathvision 2020 Project at Chungnam National University
  • Korea Institute for Advanced Study
  • Korea National Research Foundation
  • Samsung Science & Technology Foundation


  • Dongsoo Shin: