Arvada Roofing Contractor

Contact Roofing Experts to Repair Storm Damage

High winds and hail frequently cause damage to Denver area roofs, and it's always important to contact a roofing expert quickly to prevent additional damage from occurring. Even if no damage is obvious from the ground, it pays to call Arvada Roofing for advice after severe weather. They may recommend a roof inspection to determine if any repairs are needed.

What Will an Inspection Determine?

Arvada roofers will take the time to analyze a roof and pay close attention to details, especially flashing condition and shingle wear. If there is damage caused by a weather event, the roofing professionals will encourage homeowners to contact their insurance agent to discuss how to file a damage claim. Of course, not all wear is covered by insurance. The roofing contractor will suggest possible solutions for any problems discovered during the inspection and explain the advantages and disadvantages of different options.

Do Roofing Companies Work With Insurance Companies?

Every top Arvada Roofing Contractor will interact with insurance adjusters to make sure covered damages are handled quickly and effectively. Some insurance companies recommend specific contractors, but it also pays to ask other homeowners what roofing company they've used in the past to repair any storm-related damage. Roofing contractors that routinely work with adjusters know the steps insurance companies require and make sure all the proper paperwork is handled. Homeowners are encouraged to ask roofing contractors about their previous experience working with insurance carriers.

Do Homeowners Have Options When Replacing a Roof After a Storm?

Most people already know there are new roofing materials that outperform older options. If an insurance company is paying for the repairs, they'll typically require a similar material be used. However, homeowners may have the option to upgrade to better roofing materials, paying any cost differences themselves. It pays to discuss possible upgrades with roofing experts before scheduling the work.

When Should Inspections Be Scheduled?

Routine roofing inspections should be scheduled frequently, but different roofing materials have different maintenance needs. The best way to determine how often a roof should be inspected is to contact a roofing contractor for advice. In many cases, contractors will recommend inspections annually or after a severe weather event.

Anytime roofing repairs or replacements are needed, homeowners are encouraged to explore all available options before making any decisions. Whether it's storm damage or simple aging, all roofing products will eventually need repairs or replacements. If you're unsure of the condition of a home's roof, contact a roofing professional for advice or to schedule an inspection.