Arunima Bhattacharya

About me: I am a fifth year PhD student in the Mathematics Department at the University of Oregon. My doctoral advisor is Micah Warren. Before joining the University of Oregon, I received a masters in mathematics from the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India.

Research interests: PDEs and geometric analysis.

I study geometric analysis with a focus on the regularity of fully nonlinear elliptic partial differential equations that arise naturally in differential geometry, such as the fourth order Hamiltonian stationary equations and the special Lagrangian equations. I am also interested in PDEs related to the optimal transportation problem.

Here is my CV. My recent publications and teaching experience are listed below.

Publications and Preprints:

  1. (with Micah Warren) Regularity bootstrapping for fourth order nonlinear elliptic equations.
    • To appear in International Mathematics Research Notices (arXiv)
  2. (with Micah Warren) Interior Schauder estimates for the fourth order Hamiltonian stationary equation.
    • To appear in Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society (arXiv)
  3. (with Micah Warren) Explicit C^{2,\alpha} estimates for solutions of almost linear elliptic equations.
    • Preprint November 2018, to be submitted.
  4. Boundary estimates for the non homogeneous special Lagrangian equation with Dirichlet boundary condition.
    • In preparation (2019).


University of Oregon

  1. Instructor: Math 243 Introduction to Probability and Statistics
    • Summer 2016
    • Summer 2017
    • Summer 2018
  2. Instructor: Math 111 College Algebra
    • Fall 2014
    • Winter 2015
    • Summer 2015
    • Fall 2015
    • Winter 2016
  3. Teaching Assistant: Math 316 Fundamentals of Analysis I
    • Fall 2017
  4. Teaching Assistant: Math 243 Introduction to Probability and Statistics
    • Spring 2015
    • Spring 2016
    • Fall 2016
    • Winter 2017
    • Spring 2017
  5. Teaching Assistant: Math 241 Business Calculus I
    • Fall 2017
  6. Grader: Math 513 Introduction to Analysis I
    • Fall 2017
  7. Grader: Math 616 Real and Complex Analysis
    • Fall 2018

Contact Information:

Office: 11B Deady Hall

Department of Mathematics

University of Oregon

Eugene, OR 97403