Art with Mrs. Coleman

Welcome students and parents!

This site is a tool for parents and students. Here you will find all of my classroom information, contact information, codes for Google Classroom and Remind, supply information and more! Even though our school year will look very different this year, I am still very excited to have a creative year!


Communication is going to be incredibly important this year! Please sign up for your Google Classroom. Complete the contact form in Google Classroom.

How to reach me: The best way to contact me is through email: You can also sign up for Remind and text me.


Visual AP Art period 1 code: bjbirqi

Visual Art 2 & 3 period 2 code: fgq773t

Visual Art 2 & 3 period 3 code: jl26twl

Visual Art 2 & 3 period 4 code: jb2cbqr

Visual Art period 5 code: 4wkjz7f

Visual Art 2 & 3 period 6 code: uy3n2gp


1st Period: AP Art

2nd Period: Art 2 & 3

3rd Period: Art 2 & 3

4th Period: 2 & 3

5th Period: 2 & 3

6th Period: 2 & 3

1st Period: AP Art

Art supplies for classroom work will be provided

Optional Supply List:

  • Bound Sketchbook

  • Good paint brushes for acrylic paint. (They will say they are for acrylic on the package.)

  • Pencil

  • Eraser

  • Crayola Markers

  • Art portfolio to hold all pieces (AP Art)

  • Sharpies (Fine point and an Ultra Fine Point) or nice art markers

  • Drawing pencils

  • Colored Pencils

  • Watercolor paints or watercolor pencils

  • A variety of Acrylic paint

  • Glue stick

  • Watercolor pencils

  • Anything else that you think would make your art studio experience enjoyable.

NAHS (National Art Honor Society)

NAHS is an optional organization that students can join each year. NAHS is a nationally recognized society where you have to pay dues, earn a set number of hours a year, take at least one Art class (art, ceramics, photo) a year, and attend regular meetings. A graduation cord is presented to those who meet all requirements. As a 9th grader you are a "soft" member who will become nationally recognized in 10th grade. As a 9th grader you can see what the organization is about and if you want to be apart of it before you become official.