The Art Room!

Don't forget to make Art a part of your life this week! Click on your grade above for ideas!

As a Specials team, our goal is to have kids learn to integrate art, music, and PE into their lives, limiting screen time as much as possible. The activities you will find here are meant to supplement the hands-on learning in the classroom.

Are you lost? Here are the websites for Music and PE

BTSN 2020

Back to School Night!

Did you miss our Virtual Back to School night? If so, please watch my slideshow here, with an introductory video about the Art Room!

Art Room Supply List!

You need:

-2 pencils


-colored pencils

-glue stick


-2 black Sharpies

-pencil sharpener


*supply box or bag, specifically for Art class- Ziploc bag will work

-make sure it is LABELED with first/ last name and classroom teacher’s name

Nice to have:

-watercolor set

-small paintbrush


-drawing paper


Every student needs a sketchbook or folder to draw in and transport their work in between school and home. This will minimize germs passed between students and teachers, as well as ensure all of the artwork is kept in one place! There are two ways to make a sketchbook.

  1. A bound notebook without lines- spiral or composition style

  2. A folder with prongs- we can add paper