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©Talia Baldor, "Calculated Risk",
Digital Image (Original is a Acrylic Painting,16"x16"),
Spring 2007, Unlimited Edition, ArtofBaldor

Calculated Risk

Chute checked, rechecked,

Gentle, kind breeze,

Lighted, blue dawn,

Beautiful, orange sun,

Soft, green pasture landing,

A great, joyful moment.

A reckless one?

Fun diminishes,

Endless tears.

A matter of choice. 

©Talia Baldor, "Calculated Risk",
Ekphrasis (Art Poetry), Spring 2024,
Unlimited Edition, ArtofBaldor

©Talia Baldor, "Model Imma",
Digital Image (Original is a Pencil Crayon & Acrylic Drawing/Painting,
29.5"x22", Maximum Print Size 14"x10.5"),
Winter 2011, Unlimited Edition, ArtofBaldor

My Model Imma

My art supporter,

Restfully swifts hands,

Very still napping.

Penciled on yellow ochred paper,

Her dreamy image wakes,

Reflects with sparkly eyes,

Proudly, tells all, my artist.

Visions, love, tears,

Imma sleeps forever,

Waking up with smile,

For my new creations.

©Talia Baldor, "My Model Imma",
Ekphrasis (Art Poetry), Spring 2024,
Unlimited Edition, ArtofBaldor

©Talia Baldor, "Family Picnic",
Digital Image (Original is a Watercolour & Acrylic Painting, 14.5"x11"),
Spring 2015, Unlimited Edition, ArtofBaldor

Family Picnic

Ma, pa, offspring,

Honeydew fresh day.

Rhythmic beats,

Hyper happiness.

Where are they?

Hear their voices,

Dream-like existence.

My adopted family,

My besties, my foes.

©Talia Baldor, "Family Picnic",
Ekphrasis (Art Poetry), Spring 2024,
Unlimited Edition, ArtofBaldor

©Talia Baldor, "Solo, the Horse",
Digital Image (Original is an Oil Painting, 9"x12"),
Spring 2023, Unlimited Edition, ArtofBaldor

Solo, the Horse

Afternoon hay nap,

Relax and unwind,

Window sun shining,

Warm, light back.

Stripped white, black nose,

Few pleasurable grunts.

Face upward scenting,

Earthy, woody smell.

Pride with loneliness,

Praying for friend,

Enjoying solitude.

©Talia Baldor, "Solo, the Horse",
Ekphrasis (Art Poetry), Spring 2024,
Unlimited Edition, ArtofBaldor

©Talia Baldor, "Your Dish?",
Digital Image (Original is an Acrylic Painting, 16"x20"
Maximum Print Size 14"x11"),
Winter 2024, Unlimited Edition, ArtofBaldor

Your Dish?

Soft cream cheese,

Slaty lux, bitter red onion,

Hearty pumpernickel bagel.

Long tasting egg salad,

Watery cucumber, sweet tomato,

Light sesame bagel.

On elegant lettuce plate.

Personally served,

New each creation,

Love at first sight.

Contrast with balance,

Mirrors of life.

©Talia Baldor, "Your Dish?",
Ekphrasis (Art Poetry), Spring 2024,
Unlimited Edition, ArtofBaldor

©Talia Baldor, "Genesis 1:20",
Digital Image (Original is a Digital Image, 25"x20"), Fall 2010,
Unlimited Edition, ArtofBaldor

Genesis 1:20
In the beginning…
There was a calendar,
Fish in Israeli ocean water,
Bubbly, blue, hummers.

Transparent layer:
CMYK or RGB splatter,
Opposite attraction,
Primaries mating,
Tertiary offspring.

Eyelid fastens,
Eyelid unfolds…
Third eye mirrors:
Trance medications,
Side effect friendly.

Quantum in theory.
Reality only if scene,
Fishbowl complexion.

Mutation correction?
Infinitive base origin.
Darwin verses religion,
Multiplying mystification.

©Talia Baldor, "Genesis 1:20",
Ekphrasis (Art Poetry), Spring 2023,
Unlimited Edition, ArtofBaldor

ArtofBaldor website is dedicated in memories of Talia's late:
Mother who sponsored Talia's art & Na'amat Canada,
Uncle Louis who mentored Talia,
Saba Sholomo who motivated Talia,
and my friend Kim who inspired Talia,
may their souls be blessed with an Aliyah.