Creative Mind Berlin

“Res Artis Worldwide Network of Artist Residencies”

Program concept

Creative Mind Berlin is an artist residency program open to artists, designer, researcher, and culture related agents all over the world, who plan a temporary stay in Berlin to perform a creative project or build up a personal connection to art scenes in Berlin.

The program includes:

1. Accommodations

2. Guidance to the inner circle of the art world in Berlin

3. Consulting on how to realize your project ideas by applying to exclusive resources and social facilities in Berlin

4. Suggest and introduce you to your potential project partners in Berlin

5. Include your project review on our partner Art Journals

6. Help you to turn your artist catalogs into eBook with ISBN.


As the first contact, please give us a brief introduction of your identity as a “Creative Mind,” the purpose of your residency in Berlin, and the residency option in which you are interested.

We will be back to you as soon as possible with a detailed document and our suggestions.

Option Freeland:

Freeland residency is inside of a private historical museum 50 km away from Berlin City, 1-hour traffic by train, surrounded by a dreamlike German landscape. The program creates in a residential environment combined the minimalist lifestyle in nature and experiments on traditional techniques in the transformation to the digital era.

  • Consultation about how to plan your residency around Berlin
  • Shared working space and equipment
  • Access to traditional printing machines
  • The possibility of an exhibition in the museum- individual application required
  • Up to 2 hours assisting in collecting local information regarding the purpose of your project in Berlin-your needs must be specified in written form before your arrival
  • Accommodation: shared room with another artist in the artist-community, including kitchen and bathroom
  • One free overnight in Berlin
  • Guidance to the Berlin art world- with a positive initiation

Fee: 100 euro for the first week per artist, 10 euro per extended day

Option Berlin-Wedding

  • Consultation about how to plan your stay and activities in Berlin
  • Establish 1+ personal contacts to potential partners upon to your project
  • Up to 2 hours assisting to collect local information regarding the purpose of your Berlin residency
  • Guidance to an in-circle opening to present you to the Berlin art scene
  • Free accommodation: shared room and working space with a Berlin artist
  • Serve an initiation to merge into Berlin art networks

*Only for male artist

Fee: 200 euro for the first week, 20 euro per extended day


Creative Mind Berlin Program supports projects concerning social experiments through creative performances by means:

  • arranging exhibitions or performances
  • publishing the projects related imagines and articles as Ebook with ISBN

When your application brings inspiration, and the materials meet our standards, we will cover the cost in operation for you.

The application will be discussed in the first project consulting after you book the program.


Host artist: Dy

Specialized on Interdisciplinary projects, academic studying, social issues concerned conceptualization, media, and intercultural arrangement

Host artist: Lan Hungh

Specialized on Performance art and association, Berlin local on-going art fairs, Berlin art space network

Archived projects -Video documents

Artists and cultural professions often built their career networks, in which they share ideas, experiences, and engaging.

The program is initiated by a couple of artists in Berlin who share the liberal and spontaneous spirit. They are rooted in the local art world, have diverse orientations, but personally connected to each other, create new concepts together and explore the capability of art in social engagement. One day, they ask themselves: why not share their connection, experiences, and knowledge about how to perform art in Berlin?

The idea is simple: they will manage the living and working spaces for visiting artists; advise them how to get their ideas realized in Berlin; connect them to other artists, curators, or gallerists who might be interested in their projects. If the concepts could meet up together, the visiting artists will also be invited to join in their ongoing projects, exhibitions or other cultural initiations.

Different from traditional artist residence, the program is interactive and flexible, less bureaucracy and paperwork. It is an "artist to artist" system.

The visiting artist will pay a negotiable cost to the host artist. At the same time, every visiting artist could also host other artists. The program is not commercial. Because the artists are often in irregular financial status, the program intends to build a visiting and hosting artists' community all over the world, providing a way for the artists to balance the financial status, sharing local recourse and connection, and practicing art together.