Week 9-updatd

Pool is available earlier, Practice Change Today! -5:00 - 6:30pm for all groups!

Game times for Saturday are out! Please arrive one hour before game time! Updated rosters below.

@ Rio Mesa!

14s D1: 815 and 9

12s Boys: 945 and 1030

14s Coed: 1030 and 12

12s Coed: 1115 and 1245



Thanks to all the parents and athletes for attending the games! Super fun for the coaches and athletes! Lots of playing time and a big thanks to Nate and Claire for playing in 4 games:).

Practice: - This week were are off on Wednesday, Happy Halloween! Tuesday Youth Girls/12u Boys are at 7:00pm, Thursday both groups are at 7:00pm. The rest should be pretty normal.

Ventura League: This week we are back at it in Ventura. Please check the rosters to below for accuracy. We have a few kids playing in multiple divisions again this week. Check the doc below. Should have a schedule for the next Saturday Tuesday.


Final Ventura Tournament Info - November 16-17 - As we get closer we are getting a few questions about the final tourney. In the past it has been 3 games over one day for each Division. Depending on the division will depend what day we play. We won't know what day for the groups until we get closer.

Fall Youth Polo Dates Confirmation. (Responses)

Practice Schedule