Update & Week 4

Parents and Athletes,

Sorry for the delay on the email. Great start for the groups this year. I have been enjoying our new members and excited on the progression of the younger age groups! Still going to work on some of the holes in our age groups and positions:). Looking to bring in 8th grade girls, young goalies, and just anyone pumped to be in a pool! Don't be afraid to invite a friend to join ya for the night.

Got lots of stuff in this email with League dates, USAWP Memberships, and upcoming tournaments. If you have not filled out your dates info page please do you also would have received an email from me recently.

Week 4 Practice Change: Tuesday for the Girls / 6th Grade U boys the practice will be at 7:00pm. Otherwise everything else is normal this week. Hoping to get a scrimmage @ SLO for Week 5. Report back.

Ventura Fall League - We cancelled the Sep 28th Ventura League and moved our 1st League date to Oct 6th, Oct 27th, Nov 3, and Nov 17-18. Below is the planned rosters for each of the league dates. - if your name is missing we don't have a date info from you.

EC Cup - The Oct 13 -14 EC cup is our first tournament of the season! The tournament is a two day event in Orange County pools. You should work on a hotel in the Irvine, Santa Ana Area. We don't have a host hotel for the team. Some athletes have rented a house your call. The rosters are still a work in progress with a few numbers issues. Report back to the individual families in flux. Girls need to add one or two and looking forward to playing 12u:) for the weekend. Check the rosters on the page below.

TEAM GEAR - Below is the google form for team gear. Each athlete get a white team shirt for the season. Please fill it out so I can get sizes. The other gear is optional for athletes and families. I will put in order #1 Next Friday so please get your order in. The order form will send you back a document with your totals and payment information. LINK

Dates Page: For the few remaining athletes please get your dates page info in. Form is below. Link

Fall Youth Polo Dates Confirmation. (Responses)

Practice Schedule