Boys High School Water POLO

Overview of the year in Arroyo Grande Aquatics


August 13-November 10

  • Fall high school water polo season
  • Club swimming practices and competitions for those interested- but the priority is the high school polo season

November 26-February 10: Winter water polo and winter swim

  • Winter water polo session
  • Club swimming continues from the fall, practices and competitions- ideally we have a peak meet in December, and then another one in February right before high school meets begin

January 14-May 11: Swim season

  • during this part of the year, we focus on the high school swim season
  • some polo workouts (we try for 1 per week), possibility of competitions if we have enough people

May 13-end of july: Summer water polo and summer swim

  • Summer polo
  • Club swim for those interested, practices and competitions, ideally a peak competition last week of July/first week of August

Vacation Dates (Times when it is safe to take time off)

Water Polo

  • November 10 (or the date HS polo ends) -November 25
  • December 22-December 30 (first week of Christmas break)
  • July 24-August 11

Swimming- for those participating in club swim, there are some tweaks to the vacation dates due to the dates of some competitions

  • November 19-November 25 (week of Thanksgiving)
  • December 22-December 30 (first week of Christmas break)
  • August 4-August 11