Week 3

Week 3 - Got a couple changes on the schedule. The pool is undergoing some maintenance on the underwater lights. Converting over to LED Lights.

Practice Updates. Monday - Normal Afternoon. Tuesday we have morning weights and PM scrimmages. Wednesday we are going to stay with weights in the morning. The rest of the week no polo. We will have weights on Friday morning as normal. Calendar is updated online.

Tuesday Night Scrimmages @ AG - Rosters and Below.

Diving Course

5:20 - AG A vs Paso A

6:00 - AG B vs SLO B

6:40 - AG A vs RIG A

7:00 - RIG B vs SLO B

7:40 - RIG B vs AG B

Stairs Course

5:20 SLO A vs RIG A

6:00 Paso vs RIG A

6:40 Paso vs SLO A

7:00 AG A vs SLO A

Rosters - Below in Sheet and Link.

Girls Parents Payment - Please get your payments started for the winter session. - Payment Page Link

Girls Missing Sign Up Form: - :Kat - Link - & Form Below. =

Missing Date Form: Kat - Link and Form Below.

Calendar - I will be using the same internet calendar as the Fall. Make sure you are using the Varsity calendar for the session. How to add the calendar to your schedule Video -

Varsity Calendar Web Link - Varsity Calendar add to your calendar link - https://calendar.google.com/calendar/ical/u2t9jp8j3n0qrseotc0umsc6v4%40group.calendar.google.com/public/basic.ics


Week 4 - Finals week - Check Calendar for schedule.

Girls Winter Dates Sign up Sheet (Responses)