Week 4 updated

Parents and Athletes

No word yet on 14s and JO's final allocations. Should be any day. So proud of the girls and the resiliency they showed. This weekend we are busy with the 18s @ SB TOC! The 16s / JV group is play in games below. We had a couple teams bail so we are going to scrimmage with the teams available. Below is the schedule.

Rosters For SB TOC June 8 - 10 (probably only Sat and Sun) 1. Abby B 2. HB 3. Herms 4. Sandberg 5. Vitt 6. Ayers 7. Blum 8. Hazel 9. Christie O 10. Anna K. 11. Stip 12. Kolbie on Sunday ---- Games at 11:00 vs DP and 2:00pm vs Regency @ Dos Pueblos. - Full Schedule below.

Rosters For AG Tournament June 9th @ AG Team - All athletes not attending the SB TOC will be playing on Saturday. Please arrive one hour before game time for set up.

Tentative Plan

9:10 SLO vs AG

10:00 AG vs Sanger A

10:50 AG vs Sanger B

11:40 SLO vs Sanger A

12:30 SLO vs Sanger B

JO's Update - We should have a schedule early next week. Looking forward to the qualifier! We have made some adjustments on the rosters please double check below. Please make sure you plan on games Friday/Sat/Sunday in the ventura oxnard area.

18s Rosters - no changes.

16s Roster ---

1. Fisher 2. Osborne 3. Serene 4. Kaia 5. Nia 6. Sienna Viveros Birth Date 7. Tori (needs to fix USWP ASAP 8. Paige H. 9. Kat (needs to fix USWP ASAP 10. Bella (needs gold) 11. Anna K. 12. Kolbie 13. Bella S. 14. Kasper 15. Herms


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