Week 4

Parents and Athletes

This week we have some updates with the Leland group not coming. Bummer we miss out on the training with a good team:(. This week we are after school for practices. Below we have some rosters for upcoming events and JO's. Please double check your JO roster below some athletes need to get there memberships fixed up.


Rosters For SB TOC June 8 - 10 (probably only Sat and Sun) 1. Abby B 2. HB 3. Herms 4. Sandberg 5. Vitt 6. Ayers 7. Blum 8. Hazel 9. Christie O 10. Anna K. 11. Stip 12. Kolbie on Sunday 13. TBA 14. TBA

Rosters For AG Tournament June 9th @ AG 2 Team - All athletes will be playing this Saturday Tournament. TBA

Team 1

Team 2

Junior Olympics - Athletes Listed below for the Junior Olympic Roster need to confirm they are all set below. Chat tomorrow. Parents please start working on hotels for the tournament. I got a couple room at the Hilton Garden inn Oxnard. Let me know if you can find a good deal somewhere else.


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