Week 10

Parents and Athletes

    • T - minus 10 days until JO's. Schedule for the games is below. Very Tentative-The list of possible pools is all over the place. The game could be San Jose, Santa Cruz, and East Bay Walnut Creek area. Pretty typical of Junior Olympics events.
    • Tickets - Make sure you get pre-sold tickets from USA water polo - save a few dollars.

Athletes Expectations - Athletes should be in town on Wednesday. Thursday we start games as early as 7:00am. Athletes are expected to rest adequately between games to ensure we have the best week possible. Please try not to over-schedule yourself. This is a full 4 days of polo! We have been fortunate enough to do really well in the past years including Gold medals:). To do this you have to ready to play day 4!

How it works: Teams will play 8 - 11 games over the 4 days. Day 1 is to separate the 48ish teams into to two divisions of 24. Gold or Silver Brackets and seeding. Day 2 will start the tournament play for the individual divisions. Essentially for each day if you go 0 - 2 or 2- 0 you will have 2 games. If you go 1-1 on the day you will have a 3rd game that night. Day 4 We usually have only have one or 2 games.

Master Site List

14s Rosters - 14s - please double check

14 - Schedule = Updated --- 7:00am @ Ohlone College - Fremont. - vs So Cal Gold B. GM 2 12/12:50pm & GM 3 TBA.

16s Rosters - Please double check

16 - Schedule TENTATIVE - Thursday @ Santa Cruz HS 8:40am vs Rose Bowl White C. Game 2 - 12/12:50 GM 3 TBA ---

18s Rosters - - please double check.

18s Schedule -- TENTATIVE - Thursday @ 7:00 @ Wilcox HS 7:00am vs Moose Blue B GM 2 12:00/12:50am --- GM 3 --- TBA

Schedule for the next 2 weeks divided by Jo group. Please attend practices based your JO group.


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AG WATER POLO - text #81010 with the message @agwpgwp

AG Varsity - text #81010 with the message @e267k

AG JV text #81010 with the message @summerjva

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