Week 4

REMINDER WE DO HAVE PRACTICE ON MONDAY 7:00-8:00am Weights for Varsity & 10:00-12:30pm Practice --------- 3:30-5:30pm JV practice.

This week - Parents Friendly Reminder for Donations:). 250 for the Varsity Group & 200.00 for the JV athletes to AGHS. Busy week, We host our Girls JV Tournament, Varsity @ St. Francis in Mountain View, and we play Atascadero @ AG. 5:00 Varsity Game and 6:00 JV Game. We will have 2 teams in the JV tournament, initial schedule below. JV / Novice Girls will have to help run the tournament. - Rosters are on the CCJV Champs Schedule below.

JV Tournament Schedule - Master Schedule and Roster Below. -***** JV Game: ---- 11:40am vs PV & 8:00PM😳 (Out of class 10:30am - Go back to class after game unless working) . Novice Team: 1:20 vs Morro Bay Novice ---- 4:10 vs Win/Loss (Paso vs Nipomo) (Out of class 12:14). ------- ***********Concession Stand for JV Girls Tournament - Below is Concession stand sign up for the JV tournament. Parents please help fill the slots. Sign up sheet is below. Link

Varsity @ St. Francis Tournament - 4:40pm vs SF of Sacramento & Win 8:00 vs Leland Loss = 7:00 vs SI. - Saturday 2 Games.

Agenda - Meet 8:00am warm up - Leave at 9:30am -- (Eat after practice) - Lunch at San Jose - Hotel Check in. Hotel = Embassy Suites Santa Clara.

Week 5 - @ Nipomo on Wednesday JV + Varsity Sophomores 5:00 vs Nipomo Varsity & 6:00 vs Nipomo JV.

Roster ---- JV vs NHS Varsity 1. Kolbie 2. Christie 3. Anna K. 4. Paige 5. Kasper 6. Hermesch 7. Bella S. 8. Julia --- Will add 1 or 2 based on Tournament this weekend.

JV vs NHS JV. - All other JV Athletes -

2018 SF Invite
Central Coast JV Girls Championships
AGWP Concession Stand

Coach Information

Head Coach Steven Allen - 8057049907

Head Coach Rebekah Hernandez - 903-3993 ----rebekah805hernandez@gmail.com

Remind Links

AG WATER POLO - text #81010 with the message @agwpgwp

AG Varsity - text #81010 with the message @e267k

AG JV text #81010 with the message @summerjva


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