Our game server is located on en0.forgeofempires.com and is also called the International server. When you load the game on PC, make sure the EN flag (split US/UK icon as pictured) is selected; on mobile apps the flag for the EN server is the Union Jack.

Our world within the EN server is called Cirgard and known as EN3.

Guild Description

>>---> The only way to hit the target is to let go! <---<<

Contact Ariana Erosaire for an invitation to join and for all matters of diplomacy.

>>~~~~> Recruiting fighters for GvG / GbG <~~~~<<

Communication and organization are the keys to success for any group, and knowledge is power! We've got years of game experience and train new members in the Art of War. Our Guild Forum has many game guides, Great Building advice, Fighting tips, and resources to help the novice and expert alike.

There are few rules in our guild, and they are all common sense or simply about active participation. We ask for your genuine team spirit to support each other:

  1. We are a FAIR TRADE guild based on the production value of goods (not the straight 2:1 that many guilds follow - which is actually quite unfair after Colonial Age, where it should change to 3:2)

  2. AID other members (mot/pol) daily. Focus on Halls of Fame, Supplies production.

  3. Please donate Forge Points to members' Great Buildings. We have ARC 1.9x thread and FP swap chains available. Any new GB "in the mud" we ask that everyone help with 1 FP at least (because our guild is over level 82, you earn 10 free FP per day from the Town Hall, which covers this request.)

  4. We open the Guild Expedition up to Level 4 every week. Everyone is expected to give their best effort when we're up against tough competition, and complete at least Level 2 (32/48 encounters) all other weeks.

  5. Battlegrounds - the individual rewards you can win after each fight should be incentive enough to participate, but we ask for a minimum of 100 fights/negotiations from each member over the course of each 11 day season in the Battlegrounds.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the game!