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Arrowhead Beach

We're on the beautiful Chowan River in Chowan County, part of northeastern North Carolina. The Arrowhead Property Owners Association represent over 800 members of whom approximately 300 are either permanent residents or seasonal residents within Arrowhead Beach. Many of those who live in Arrowhead are retired but there are a sufficient number of younger families to assure a diverse neighborhood. The ambience is very pleasant.

We're in the midst of a pine forest, directly adjacent to the Chowan River. The Arrowhead community provides many recreational opportunities available only to members, including a Club House, a beach with park and fishing piers. In addition, there is a boat ramp on Indian Creek which provides easy access to the Chowan River as well as a safe haven during severe storms.

Arrowhead is twelve miles from historic Edenton and one hour away from Hampton Roads, Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake Virginia.

The Arrowhead Property Owners Association is one of the oldest of its type in North Carolina. It began in the early 1970's after the developer (Southern Properties, Incorporated) turned over the subdivision to the Association. It is managed entirely by volunteers. For more information, please consult the By-laws and Restrictive Covenants of the Association.

Brief History of Arrowhead

Early reports from 16th Century explorers indicated some significant native American settlements along the Chowan River, one of the largest a relatively short distance from the mouth of Indian Creek. The White-DeBry Map of 1590 names the Indian village of Waratan, located south of Indian Creek. Excavations of the site in 1962 dated settlements of at least a span of 2000 years of continuous settlement.

European settlement of the area paralleled that of Edenton, one of colonial North Carolina's first capitols. Indeed, in the early 1700's the area known as "Indian Town" was owned by an Anglican minister, the Reverend Daniel Earl, who was rector of St. Paul's in Edenton. In 1760 he constructed the first permanent home and developed the area into a sizeable plantation and fishery. It became known as Bandon Plantation. In 1796 the plantation was left to Charles Johnson, a distant relative who consolidated Bandon and the adjoining lands. Bandon stood as a centerpiece of a vast plantation enterprise of fisheries, grain crops and timber. After the death of Charles Johnson, Jr. in 1850, Bandon, including 2,350 acres was sold at auction to William J. Holly. By 1860 Holly was one of the wealthiest planters in Chowan County. Holly, along with most antebellum slave owners, fell on hard times at the termination of the Civil War. By his death in 1890 what was left of Bandon went to his creditors. It was subsequently auctioned (house and 1600 acres) to John M. Forehand. He and his heirs retained the property for over fifty years.

In 1944, Bandon was sold to John and Inglis Fletcher. Inglis Fletcher enjoyed a successful career as an historical novelist. Her most notable works were the "Carolina Series" based on the early history of Northeastern North Carolina. In 1963 Bandon caught fire and was destroyed.

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Where is Bandon Now?

Bandon Chapel now sits on the site where Bandon Plantation House was originally located. Bandon Plantation was the home of the famous author Ingles Fletcher, who wrote numerous books based on Edenton. In the early 1960's the Plantation House caught fire and burned. There were still original buildings on the property surrounding the Plantation House. The original Bandon Kitchen, Smokehouse, and Schoolhouse were donated to the Historical Society and were relocated to the Iredell House site where they can still be enjoyed

Edenton, NC

About Edenton, NC

By George Farrell

The following article uses as its inspiration from Edenton By Jim Kerr

This lovely North Carolina bayfront town takes pride in its colonial past which appeared in "Where to Retire" special issue 2002 published by Vacation Publications, Inc.

Edenton is a 300-year-old town that has made a substantial contribution to history of the United States as well as to the history of North Carolina. On coming into Edenton from the south on Business Route 17 you get the impression that you are entering an old New England town. This belies the fact that Edenton is bona fide Southern town. It was laid out in 1712 along the north shore of the Albemarle Sound at the mouth of the Chowan River in the northeastern corner of the state. It is North Carolina's second-oldest town and was the first capital of the state. For several decades prior to the American Revolution, Edenton was a major seaport with as many as 100 ships anchored in the bay that today entertains only pleasure boats.

Edenton was originally settled mostly by the English who drifted south from Virginia beginning in the 1650's. Today newcomers to the Edenton area came originally as tourists who arrived by accident because they were passing through on their way to somewhere else, or were attracted by having read of the historic ambiance. Having visited, these tourists were drawn back to stay by the sense of community and the laid back pace of life here. There is diagonal parking along both sides of Broad Street along the four-block long "business district" of downtown Edenton -- something not ordinarily found elsewhere. The natural laid-back attitudes of the local people and their natural friendliness toward everyone, means that local residents invariably stop to give a parked vehicle the opportunity of backing out of a parking place even if the driver of the passing vehicle doesn't want the parking space for himself.

The community spirit here has a long history beginning with the activities of local men and women who were in the forefront of American history. Such people include a signer of the Declaration of Independence and a signer of the U.S. Constitution. The recently restored Chowan County Courthouse is a national historic landmark, dating back to 1767 and so is the oldest continuously operated government building in North Carolina.

Edenton today is the county seat of Chowan County. It is the smallest county in the state, having only 181 square miles of territory and a population of only 15,000 people. Edenton, itself, has a population of 5,000. The major industry in Chowan County is agriculture with lumber, cotton and peanuts being the primary crops followed by soybeans, sweet potatoes, and corn. Edenton is no longer a commercial port, but pleasure boating is a substantial "industry" here with three marinas and two recreational boat builders. There is a waterfront condominium along one marina and many of the residents in Edenton are boaters or sport fishermen.

Population: Edenton - 5,000, Chowan County - 15,000

Location: NE quadrant of North Carolina; about 135 miles northeast of the state capital of Raleigh, NC.; about 80 miles southwest of Norfolk, VA.; about 140 miles south southeast of Richmond, VA.


January high 52 degrees with a low of 32

July high 85 degrees with a low of 72

Average humidity 76%

Rainfall of 48 inches

Snowfall of 5 inches

Average housing cost: $80,000 for older homes not in the historic district of downtown; $450,000 for historic homes in town; and $300,000 in new waterfront or country club developments.

Sales tax: 6.5% except prescription drugs and a few other things

Estate tax: None

Property tax: $1.085 per $1000 of assessed value in Edenton but $0.73 per $100 in the county. Homes are assessed at %85 of market value.

Highway access: US route 64 and State route 17 run from the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area of NC through Edenton to Norfolk, VA.. State route 32 goes out of Edenton north to Hampton Roads and Norfolk, VA.

Health: Chowan Hospital is owned by the East North Carolina University Health System and has 111 beds. Emergency helicopter service is available for high speed transport for specialized medical treatment elsewhere. There is one nursing home having 160 beds.

Visitor lodging: There are a half-a-dozen small motels and hotels as well as a half-a-dozen bed-and-breakfast inns.

Information: Edenton-Chowan Chamber of Commerce, 116 E. King St. Edenton, NC 27932 (252)482-3400, (800)755-0111 or or