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City of Korvosa - (Guide to Korvosa) - One of three of the large city-states in the Varisia region. A geographically large city with a small population (think Detroit). Magical schools abound in Korvosa both large and small the best known is the world renowned Acadamae, magical school of learning. This school is such a large part of the city that it has it has it's own district in the city, there are other magical schools in the city as well. Korvosain Slang.

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City of Korvosa

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City of Korvosa

Living Costs

Destitute: 3gp/m (food 3gp)

Poor, single: 10gp/m (food 6gp, rent 3gp, misc 1gp)

Middle Class: 30gp/m (food 12gp, rent 12gp, misc 6gp)

Salubrious: 100gp/m

Extravagant: 200gp/m

Geographical Districts

Korvosa is divided into seven districts, most of which are further divided into a number of Wards.

East Shore is the only district beyond the channel of the Jeggare River. It is the home to the noble families of Endrin, Kroft, and Bromathan--all nobles with a strong military heritage. It is also the location of Theumanexus College, a struggling magical academy which takes a generalist approach to is curriculum as compared to the specialty schools of the Acadamae. It advertises itself (though not in so many words) as a more moral alternative to the diabolical practices of the Acadamae.

The Gray District comprises four small wards, each a cemetery for the various citizens of Korvosa. Potter's Ward buries the poorest citizens en masse, recording their names on the black walls in the southeastern corner of the Gray District, rather than on headstones. Those who can afford a fee of two silver shields instead come to their final resting place in Everyman Ward. Two sizable mausoleums flank the entrance to this necropolis, one leading to a Shoanti burial chamber the Pharasmans have expanded, and the other leading to ossuaries constructed deep beneath Korvosa. The nobility of Korvosa, as well as the Commandant of Sable Company and the Field Marshal of the Korvosan Guard are buried in the Gold Ward, which contains many elaborate crypts and mausoleums. Funerary services hear often run thousands of gold sails. Finally, Sepulcher Ward holds the Grand Cathedral of Pharasma itself. The graves surrounding the Cathedral and the ossuary beneath it entomb holy men and women--clerics, paladins, highly religious laypeople, and, according to rumor, the bones of Saint Alika the Martyr.

The Heights stands atop Citadel Hill, presenting its residents with a commanding view of the city to look down upon. With the Grand Mastaba and Castle Korvosa sitting at the center of the district, the Heights is the place for the power players of Korvosa. Citadel Crest is the wealthiest ward in Korvosa, and the most expensive to live in. It is home to the Great Tower which houses Sable Company, and to the Temple of Asmodeus. There are no inns in Citadel Crest, but a few noble families operate bed-and-breakfasts. Lesser nobles and merchants make their homes in Cliffside, home of the Kendall Amphitheatre. University Ward houses the University of Korvosa, and a few other small schools, libraries, and cultural locations.

Midland sits leeward of Citadel Hill, the cosmopolitan and friendly center of trade and commerce in Korvosa. It is also home to the Korvosan Guard headquarters of Citadel Volshyenek. The High Bridge ward is a residential area, home to many of the fishermen and longshoremen in Korvosa, as well the families of Korvosan military servicemen. Pillar Hill is the most demographically diverse ward in Midland, and probably all Korvosa--from wealthy merchants in its northern corner, to hard-working sailors and fishermen in the tenements in the south, to tieflings and a handful of loners belonging to traditionally 'monstrous' races, Pillar Hill has a bit of everyone Korvosa has to offer. Slope Ward, as the name suggests, sits on the eastern slope of Citadel Hill, overlooking the Jeggare. Despite its proximity to more rough-and-tumble areas of the cities, Slope holds many libraries, museums, and other havens of culture, and is the third best-educated area of the city, behind the Acadamae and the University. West Dock holds no residences, but does boast an immense number of warehouses, fish processing plants, meat-packing plants, and other businesses that make their money out of the Jeggare. The prevailing winds tend to push the meaty stink of the area into High Bridge and the Citadel.

North Point, at the northwestern tip of the Mainland, was the first section of the mainland to be settled by the Chelish founders. It is a respectable area of Korvosa on the whole, home to many old but non-noble families, and the municipal and bureaucratic cogs of the city. Five Corners is a crowded residential ward, housing many of Korvosa's politicians and their toadies. Mainshore, as the first Chelish encampment on the mainland, is home to the true 'old money' families of Korvosa, but beyond those homes, and the many memorials which dot the ward, Mainshore is beginning to show its age. Northgate is where most visitors enter Korvosa across the Longriver Bridge. Once home to many Korvosan elites, many such families have relocated to Citadel Hill since, and property values in Northgate are slowly but steadily declining. Ridgefield is at the extreme west end of North Point, a poverty plagued ward, though not as poorly off as Old Korvosa across the Narrows. It is the home to the famous Posh and Turtle Inn, and the mysterious Avenue of Arms.

Old Korvosa covers all of Endrin Isle, the first settlement of the Chelish settlers. Time has not been kind to Old Korvosa however. Bridgefront ward is a crush of humanity; when the residents ran out of space for new buildings, they started adding floors to extant buildings. Today, Bridgefron packs 1/10 Korvosa's population--and almost 8/10ths of the destitute--into a mere three blocks. The crumbling remnants of Fort Korvosa sit atop Garrison Hill. Few live in this area permanently besides the Arkonas, their decadent palace situated within the granite walls of the fort. The area's other claim to fame is Endrin Military Academy. Old Dock, while not quite as destitute as Bridgefront is the least desirable location in the city, accounting for over half the violent crimes in Korvosa, and home to countless drug dens, brothels, gambling halls, and other centers of vice, including the infamous Eel's End.

South Shore is the city's newest district, officially becoming part of Korvosa in 4684, when Queen Dominia laid the first stone in the foundation of the Pantheon of Many. South Shore plays host to many of Korvosa's nouveau riche, seeking to escape the cramped conditions of the rest of the city. While no wards divide South Shore, it does contain a small independent enclave, the embassy for the elves of the Mierani Forest.

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