House Delith

House Delith?

PCs are members of the House Delith Adventuring Company. Depending on level and type of activity they may be able to call on some resources from House Delith.

In Game: House Delith's power and influence derives from it's seat on the ruling council of the City of Korvosa. House Delith was instrumental in during the actions of Curse of the Crimson Throne. During the turmoil a ruling house was deposed and the vacancy filled, with consent of the other ruling houses, by House Delith.

ARPS Golarian Changes

ARPS Specific World Adjustments

The Six Banks - The value of Gold and therefore prices of items are set by these six powerful banks. Stories are told about nations that went to war with one of the banks. Inevitably the stories end with the nation being crushed by the power of the bank. Usually with the ruined nation needing to borrow money to rebuild often at very high rates! These six banks are a eon old power that are respected by most nations not only for their power, but because through the banks influence a common reference for the value of a gold coin was been established.

The only known bank location is in the Inner Sea deep in the Mwangi Expanse. Public agents and embassies of the banks are often found in the capital cities Golarian. Undercover agents are reputed to be throughout Golarian as Banks are said to be continually allying and fighting with each other for power and control.