Marji & Dan

Hello from the co-directors of Around Hear!

Greetings! We, Marji Gere (violin) and Dan Sedgwick (piano), are the core musical duo, musical instructors, and co-directors of Around Hear. Having met and fallen in love through music many years ago, we are continually inspired by each other and our shared musical tasks, be it learning a sonata or co-creating an entirely new work of art. We are also inspired by the communities we belong to, our neighbors, our fellow creative and performing artists, and our mentors. Truly, we take inspiration from anyone whose actions are rooted in creativity, curiosity, idealism, and compassion.

As a duo, we are dedicated to regularly including other musicians in our chamber music work. Though there is no shortage of wonderful music for violin and piano, we are socially and aesthetically inclined to mix works of other instrumentations into our programs. The repertoire for piano and violin plus other strings, winds, and voices, just like our musical community, is full of treasures.

As co-teachers, we agree: there is no experience quite like watching someone hold a violin bow or touch a piano keyboard for the first time. It is also a marvel to witness an experienced student's navigation of one of music's many excruciatingly subtle challenges. At whatever stage, it is an honor to play an integral, guiding role on someone's musical journey.

We also agree that high quality music education should be available to everyone who wants it. Our students range from kindergartners to senior citizens; from those rare individuals who "have the knack" to those (like us) who struggle with every task with patience and enthusiasm; from seasoned musicians to novices; from rich to poor. We focus on private teaching so we can tailor instruction to each individual, and are striving, through our fundraising efforts, to prioritize our teaching toward our low-income neighbors. Learn more about how to support this goal here.

We both grew up in musical families, in American cities with excellent free public school music programs. Since we fledged from our parents' nests, we have both been well supported by family, mentors, and institutions, and because of that we are tuned into an extensive, deeply-connected, worldwide network of musicians, artists, and other creative folk, and have had special opportunities to travel, play, create, and collaborate. We are privileged to have lived and worked, so far, free of most of the worries that many people face as they seek their potential. Through Around Hear, we aim to pass along, as best we can, that which we have been given in our lucky lives.

To request résumés, please contact us.

We hope to see you at an upcoming event!

- Marji & Dan