Marji & Dan

As the core violin-piano duo of the Around Hear chamber music series, we, the Gere-Sedgwick Duo, are inspired by each other and the music we play: with each performance, we dig deeply into the story and context of this music. We are also inspired by the communities we belong to, our neighbors, our fellow creative and performing artists, and our mentors. Truly, we take inspiration from anyone whose work is rooted in creativity, curiosity, idealism, and compassion.

One of our duo’s shared values is our dedication to regularly including other musicians in our chamber music work. Though there is no shortage of wonderful music for violin and piano, we are socially and aesthetically inclined to mix works of other instrumentations into our programs. The repertoire for piano and violin plus other strings, winds, and voices, just like our musical community, is full of treasures.

Our vision is to bring to life music that fascinates us, and set up listening experiences that allow for the music to serve as launching point for creative expression and community building with and for a wide range of people. Toward that vision, in partnership with the Somerville Housing Authority and SHA-based organizations (the Mystic Learning Center, Mystic Tenant Association, and the Welcome Project), we are creating Around Hear, a new, nourishing, fun community ritual focused on the act and art of listening.

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-Marji & Dan