Miss Arntsen's Classes

Welcome to the 2017-18 school year! I am so pleased to be here at Groton Area High School this year as a math teacher and look forward to meeting all the students, families, and community members I'll be working with this year.

I've been teaching ESL at Northern State University and living in Aberdeen for the past four years. I grew up in the Caribbean, traveled extensively while teaching abroad especially in Europe and Asia, and have a lot of family in Wisconsin. I like to garden, cook, and walk in my spare time. I just recently completed my fifth half-marathon out in Spearfish and am looking for a new personal challenge.

I have included some useful information on this page (below) and intend to use the individual pages, found in the tabs along the top right of this page, to post the daily homework assignments and/or announcements for each class. In addition to Infinite Campus, this will be a platform I use to communicate information to students and their parents. Students in all four courses are encouraged to use Quizlet to study their math vocabulary for each unit.

I have really enjoyed my time in South Dakota and look forward to many more years to come.

"Try and fail, but don't fail to try." -Stephen Kaggwa

Homework tips

At home

  • Complete each assigned problem
  • Show your work

In class

  • Ask questions
  • Remove the fringe from your paper before handing it in


  • Write legibly
  • Use clear organization
  • Write your name, class, period, assignment number, page numbers, and problem numbers
  • Staple multi-page assignments together


  1. Prep
  2. Transition Math
  3. Algebra I
  4. Study Hall / 2nd lunch
  5. Geometry
  6. Pre-Algebra
  7. Geometry


  • book cover
  • loose leaf paper
  • notebook (70 to 100 sheets)
  • folder with pockets
  • pencils/erasers
  • colored pencil/pen
  • inch/centimeter ruler, transparent
  • protractor, transparent
  • compass
  • scientific calculator - The scientific calculator should have the following functions or keys: powering (xy or yx or ^, square root (√), factorial (x!), +/- (for negative numbers), pi (л), scientific notation (EE or EXP), and reciprocals (1/x).
  • TI-84+ silver edition graphing calculator (optional)

Grading Scale

A 94.60 - 100.00%

A- 92.60 - 94.59%

B+ 90.60 - 92.59%

B 86.60 - 90.59%

B- 84.60 - 86.59%

C+ 82.60 - 84.59%

C 77.60 - 82.59%

C- 75.60 - 77.59%

D+ 73.60 - 75.59%

D 69.60 - 73.59%

D- 66.60 - 69.59%

F Below 66.60%


Email: tara.arntsen@k12.sd.us

Phone: 605-397-8381 ext. 1055