EasyPark, A fully integrated solution

Easy Park is a fully integrated parking management system comprising all relevant aspects of parking operations from both the city's and driver's perspectives.

Easy Park allows cities to improve parking services, optimize operations, cut costs, increase compliance by better parking enforcement, reduce traffic congestion and pollution and at the same time provide a better service to the drivers and city's residents.

The Easy Park solution comprises several modules that are fully integrated with each other: Personal Parking Meter (PPM), a Mobile Payment solution the EasyPark Mobile including payments by SMS , IVR and Smart phone application an enforcement system, several general management modules and a sophisticated Back End Office

EasyPark is a single unified system combining all services into a one web based solution . The Easy Park solution can be tailored and customized to specifically meet customer's requirements with everything provided by a single vendor , no need to look for any other suppliers!

Easy Park Mobile

The EasyPark Mobile is a state of the art mobile parking payments system. The EasyPark Mobile can be used either as a standalone parking payment method or in conjunction with other payment methods such as the EasyPark PPM, Pay & Display machines and even with single space meters.

The EasyPark Mobile can serve for both on-street and off-street parking operations. Being a mobile payment method connected to the user's secured private account, EasyPark Mobile can be used for other types of payments such as for mass transportation , payment for bike rental and more

The EasyPark Personal Parking Meter (PPM )

The core of the EasyPark PPM is a durable , adaptable , contactless smart card. The patented EasyPark PPM, which consists of a single in-vehicle device (an "in-vehicle parking meter") and proprietary software, provides a simple and convenient parking fees payment solution,

The EasyPark PPM can be operated either as a stand-alone system or on top of traditional parking payment infrastructure to reduce cash handling and eliminate fraud.

EasyPark Enforcement

On-street parking inspection is a complicated but rewarding task if being handled correctly . The EasyPark Enforecment system provides a clear and efficient parking enforcement methodology backed by city regulations and allowing efficient control of the parking enforcement resources


A nice functionality of the EasyPark Mobile solution is the capability of paying parking fees in parking lots and garages . The investment required in modifying present lot insfrastracture is minimal

EasyPark Private

There is a growing shortage of parking spaces in large urban centers caused by the increasing number of vehicles competing on same limited parking resources. EasyPark Private provides a smart marketplace to match private parking spaces owners and drivers who wish to secure a parking space at a reasonable price

Public Private Partnerships for management of parking operations

With the growing number of cars entering crowded city centers, parking management becomes a critical issue. Parking management is essential for the effective control of the city's limited parking resources. Needless to say parking fees collection can also become a major source of funds for improving traffic and parking infrastructure and providing better service for the community. Charging for parking therefore increases parking availability, improves the infrastructure and generates fund for the common good . Charging for parking can be also socially justifiable as parking fees are paid by car owners who can usually support the expense and in fact ought to carry the cost of using and maintaining public property ( "on street" parking spaces ) . Public Private Partnerships are ideal for providing the necessary capital and know-how for city's looking to monetize their parking resources and we at PARX provide our partners with the required technology and management experience to perform this task in the best possible manner !

EasyPark a Parking Attendant Integrated solution

One of the challenges facing parking operators is management of the "on street" Parking Attendants (PA ) .

With the EasyPark Integrated Parking Management solution all aspects of the parking operations are combined into a one seamless organization.

When PA's are employed the driver can approach the PA in charge and pay the required parking fees . The PA uses a smartphone APPS (Re-Seller APPS.) to calculate the fee and record the parking event so every activity is noted and monitored on the main system server

The Re-seller APPS. can be also deployed at Point of Sale (POS ) providing a convenient method of payment for non registered users and visitors