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The Army Store is one of the top army and navy store and it is located in Cardiff, UK. This company has got over 50 years of experience. This company was first established back in 1967. This company supplies high quality military clothing, supplies for army and also various wide ranges of military equipments. Some of the top brands that they deal with are: Snugpak, Combat, Buffalo, Sealskinz and jetboil. Etc. This company also offers a wide selection of the best quality hats and gloves and jackets for the winter and for summer, they have got a variety of shorts and t-shirts, tops and also trousers that the clients will be able to choose from. The size range is vast and it will suit all clients. All these items are available from their own personal company stock.

The main aim of this company is to offer the best quality products to the clients. This company has offered its services to a wide range of clients and they are happy with the excellent quality products that they got from this company.

The clients will be able to get high quality army clothing from this company and they have got a wide range of the combat trousers and jackets- surplus, which are re-created from the original surplus from the military. The t-shirts are available in various camouflages and patterns, which one can get in various sizes to fit them perfectly. The clothing from army that is available through this company will suit the army cadets and the current serving members and also for the general population who are interested in wearing these for fancy dressing events.

Military Clothing

The clients will also get a wide range of army combat boots for themselves. These boots are priced with affordable price range and these are from the Grafters cadets boot to the Lowa combat GTX boots. This company also has got combat boots which are best option for summer and winter weather and these boots have got breathable internal membranes and they are also waterproof. This will help one to wear this boots with more comfort as they will keep the feet dry and it will also allow the feet to breathe. There are also boots with the non waterproof options. These boots are dispatched from the stock of this company.

The clients will also get the best surplus for army from this army navy store and one can go through the navy and the army site of this company. The army surplus from this company is versatile and also hardwearing, which is why these surpluses have got a huge demand with the clients. This company has also got the best and wide ranges of military day sack, bags used for deployments, army camo and one will also be able to find the best MTP pattern British clothing which is the best option for the cadets, military and the TA. This company is also increasing their range of surplus clothing and they will be soon available for the clients.

Army Surplus Cardiff
Army Camo

The clients will also be able to get the best quality current version uniform of the British Army- army clothes. The combat camouflage colour that is currently used is known as the Multi Terrain pattern or MTP. This pattern has got the best advantages and it will help to offer the best advantages and it can be easily used in the jungle to get the best camouflage and they will also offer the best camouflage in the desert areas as military clothing. This company has got a large stock of the MTP PCS trousers, jackets and also shirts. There are also high qualities over trousers and MVP jackets that the clients will be able to get. All the uniforms of the British Army which are available through this company are graded with grade 1 and they are the best surplus UK army uniform that the clients will be able to get.

This company offers free delivery over 50 pound and they also provide one hour delivery slot. The clients will be able to make secure payments through this website. This company accepts payment through a wide range of payment methods which are available and some of the payment methods accepted by this company are: Apple pay, American express, VISA, MasterCard, PayPal etc.

This company also offers various types of webbings and bag packs which are strong and durable and they are able to carry a good amount of weight without any hassle. The clients will also be able to find a wide range of products for the camping and survival through this company, which are priced with affordable pricing range, including the military surplus.

This company also offers a wide range of military accessories such as: document holders, compasses, binoculars, monocular, bungees, para cords, insignia and badges etc.

To know more about their services and products offered, one can dial 02920 343141 and one can also visit the official website at:

Contact Us:-

11-13 Wyndham Arcade,

Cardiff, CF10 1FH

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