Passenger Revenue Management Training and Coaching

On-line courses, coaching and resources for revenue management in air, rail, and bus

1. Self-study or Live Interactive Learning

My self-study on-line courses have several advantages compared to traditional classroom training. They offer support and can be followed any time, anywhere, whether occasionally or continuously, completed within 90 days.

Distance course outline

This is a valuable and very economical solution, student-centered, cloud-based and collaborative, including online modules to read and listen to, quizzes and assignments, and a high-quality globally recognised certificate, mailed by post. An example of the certificate can be seen on my customer page.

My live interactive distance learning option includes on-line seminars with me as a coach and adviser. Mutually convenient times can be scheduled.

My courses convey the image of market forces, pricing theory, demand and supply, allowing the student of revenue management to increase the knowledge of economic theory to an understanding of the revenue management process and business analysis, minimising the learning curve, and speeding up the realisation of benefits for any revenue management approach.

My practical experience and personality add an extra dimension to my subject matter expertise in delivering a powerful learning experience.

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2. Coaching – Individual or Team Development

One-on-one interaction with me as a revenue management expert can provide a fast “up-to-speed” solution.

An example of this might include a business process evaluation as an essential step when adopting a revenue management strategy approach and/or implementing a revenue management system. I can help you in many areas, some which include:

  • Understanding critical success factors and their key performance indicators
  • Designing future processes that reflect best practices and streamline the business
  • Creating business cases with calculated results

I can answer questions and give guidance in real time, without removing you from your day-to-day responsibilities.

3. On-line Courses – Team or University

Education and/or upgrading employee skills makes business sense. The long-term gains make a difference. The short-term expense ensures you keep qualified and productive workers who will help your company succeed. That’s an investment you can take to the bank.

Your trainees or students can take the course when and where they like, and at their own pace. They’ll thank you for that. And you won’t need to struggle to get everyone into a single room or online meeting to provide a professional, convenient course experience. I think you’ll be happier too.

My on-line courses are on the Google Classroom platform and include written and audio material. They can also be customized and priced to meet your staff training or university curriculum requirements. They offer consistent delivery, message and content that large organizations will especially appreciate.

I can also give you reports on the progress and results of your team or class.

My course is offered on-line at Swinburne University – Department of Aviation, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology in Melbourne, on-going for five years now.

4. RM Resources and Reference Library

If you need an extra hand with your revenue management I can help you.

My library consists of books, presentations, spreadsheets, business models, process flowcharts, reports, current industry papers, and periodicals related to passenger transportation marketing and revenue management. They are available to my customers.

I can also research, compile and create documents or presentations for you.

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