Passenger Revenue Management Training, Consulting and Services

Online and mobile friendly eLearning courses, certification, consulting and resources for revenue management foundations, strategy, and best practices in air, rail, and bus

1. eLearning and Certification - Individuals

Web seminar interactive with an Instructor

My web seminar interactive courses in English and French have several advantages compared to my competitors and traditional classroom training. My courses offer my support and can be followed at any time, anywhere, whether occasionally or continuously. Enjoy the benefits of a good RM foundation and an introduction to strategy, all toward your success in your career or that of your company.

A valuable and very economical solution, student-centred and collaborative, including online modules to read and listen to, web seminars with an instructor, quizzes and assignments, an online resource library, and a globally recognized certificate, mailed by post. See an example on my customer testimonial page.



An even more economical option, my self-study eLearning allows the student to study on their own, with support by email. Fourteen modules can be completed in two-three days, or do a module per day, or as slow as a module per week.

Learning Management System: Google Classroom

2. eLearning and Certification – Corporate Team or University

I have trained, and certified teams at many passenger carriers globally. Education and upgrading employee skills make business sense. The long-term gains make a difference. The short-term expense ensures you keep qualified and productive workers who will help your company succeed. That’s an investment you can take to the bank.

Your employees or students can take the course when and where they like, and at their own pace. They’ll thank you for that. And you won’t need to struggle to get everyone into a single room or online meeting to provide a professional, convenient course experience. I think you’ll be happier too.

My eLearning courses can also be customized and priced to meet your staff training or university curriculum requirements. They offer consistent delivery, message and content that large organizations will especially appreciate, and I remain available in the long-term for support and coaching.

Swinburne University – Department of Aviation, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology in Melbourne, is offering my course on-going since 2014.

I can also give you reports on the progress and results of your team or class.

Customer Testimonials
"Thanks again for a great seminar. It has helped create a common level of understanding not only within my own team but across a few other teams as well." Bruce Phillips, Consumer Prices Division / Division des prix à la consommation, Stats Canada. November 8, 2018.
“Gary is extremely knowledgeable in airline revenue management and has combined his training and practical airline expertise into the development of superior training courses in all aspects of the revenue management problem. His personality adds an extra dimension to his subject matter skills in delivering a powerful learning experience.” Dr. Hugh Dunleavy, EVP Strategy & Planning at WestJet, June 9, 2006.

Contact me to discuss and/or enroll immediately!

3. Coaching and Consulting

One-on-one online interaction with me as a revenue management expert can provide a fast “up-to-speed” solution.

An example of this might include a business process evaluation and modelling as an essential step when adopting a revenue management strategy approach and implementing a revenue management system. I can help you in many areas, some of which include:

  • Understanding critical success factors and their key performance indicators

  • Designing future processes that reflect best practices and streamline the business

  • Creating business cases with calculated results

  • Pricing strategies and associated business rules based on departure categorization

I can answer questions and give guidance in real-time, without removing you from your day-to-day responsibilities.

Customer Testimonial
"Gary Parker`s work on an assessment of the RM and Pricing department at Ukraine International Airlines and its place within the revenue pipeline helped us to understand our strengths and the right focus to put more effort. I would especially underline Gary`s outstanding dedication to the job, high-level expertise and awareness of the latest developments and techniques in the area of Revenue Management and Pricing." Oksana Verkhulevska, Director of Revenue Management, Ukraine International Airlines, March 2010.

4. Outsourcing and/or Co-sourcing Revenue Management

Outsourcing can provide greater budget flexibility and control. Outsourcing lets organizations pay for only the services they need when they need them. It also reduces the need to recruit and train specialized personnel, brings in specific expertise, and reduces capital and operating expenses.

All elements can be done remotely and delivered digitally, and we can leverage the reach and economy of outsourcing to deliver high-value services at reduced end-customer prices. We partner with RM system vendors to deliver a complete solution.

Co-sourcing is another option where revenue management is performed by personnel from inside an organization and also by an external service provider like us. Examples include supplementing the in-house staff with specialized skills such as inventory or revenue management system expertise, analytics, the commercial application of strategy using revenue management system levers, and distribution channel related services, providing routine assistance to in-house management in peak period events and handle special projects to seize an opportunity or reduce risk.

Contact me to discuss how this might benefit your organization.