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What is ARMS Pro Stock Class?

UPDATE: if you are a racer in another series (like Oval Track racing), you can make a request to the Race Director to obtain a licence without having to take a school. This will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

UPDATE: any new racers to AMP get a reduced entry fee for the year - $200 per event. Regular entry fee is $450 per event.

ARMS Pro Stock is a road racing class designed to re-purpose existing Pro Stock cars in the region. Rising cost to compete in the Tour series have priced many racers away, so we are offering a fun, safe and competitive environment to race this type of car. The rules are strongly based on the current MPST rulebook. Basically, square up the car, get a good 4 speed gearbox, make weight, and you are good to go road racing! Please click on the link above to view the RULES page.

For 2020, we will start introducing some enforcement at pre event tech, and post race. Items such as engine type, shock type, having the correct tire and car weight will be considered. If a competitor is found to be outside the rules, they will be scored as GT1.

For 2020, ARMS Pro Stocks will participate in the GT racing class, along with all other GT cars. The racing schedule is as follows:

  • May 18 test day

  • May 30 ARMS race school

  • May 30-31 Race #1

  • June 20-21 Race #2

  • July 11-12 Race #3

  • Aug 22-23 Race #4

  • Oct. 3-4 JCM 3 hour Enduro

Normal Race Day format:

  • Saturday evening practice

  • Sunday: 2 Qualifying sessions, 4 Series Races (15 laps each), and a 1 hour Enduro. There are 2 Series, each has a qualifying session and 2 races per event, allowing 2 drivers to compete for a "Series" year end Championship in the same car. Also, one driver may compete in both.