ArmourAI: Discover & Defend Hidden AI Vulnerabilities

Artificial Intelligence research has seen immense growth in addressing a broad array of problems, including in domains such as security and fraud detection. The application of AI (especially machine learning) in security and fraud detection domains is often termed Adversarial Machine Learning or Adversarial AI.

An increasingly important concern in applying AI technologies in such domains is how vulnerable these are to malicious attacks. For example, your AI may seem to be great at detecting fraud now, based on the data you have collected, but will it remain successful in the future? Or can fraudsters find vulnerabilities in your AI which allow them to go undetected?

We leverage state-of-the-art proprietary algorithms in AI vulnerability analysis to identify vulnerabilities in a broad array of AI technologies, focusing especially on machine learning. Our methods are generic, easy to use (both as cloud-based and enterprise options), and can provide you with a customized vulnerability assessment.

Is your AI vulnerable? Find out!