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VHP MOD Update (RELEASE v.3.0):

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Hello everyone! You have landed on a channel dedicated to games. I will shoot games of different genres, from shooters to city-building simulators. Maybe I'll even shoot something with my phone. If you want to ask or suggest something, then write in the comments under my last video. Do not judge strictly. If you want to send a donate, then click on my personal PayPal site.

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My Main Mod ( v. Release 3.0 ):

Very Hard Police (VHP) Mod

This mod will be constantly updated, but only on this site!

Very Hard Police Mod By ArkadiPro1.


The Very Hard Police mod offers a fresh look at the familiar wanted level system.

In this mod, the cops will use all the added privileges to kill you.

Many variations of police, special forces, federal and military vehicles have been added.

Also added a lot of helicopters, planes and boats (Some boats are added in DLC, so you won't have them, maybe even the mod won't work, so make sure you have at least the Cayo Perico Heist DLC).

Transport, that's not all, now there will be a lot of police officers, and this will create a very big difficulty.

Also now the Military will have a more powerful set of weapons - from an assault shotgun to a rocket launcher. If you are still in doubt whether to download this mod or not, then watch 2 of my videos, and then you will decide.

VHP mod adds a lot of gaming experience, makes the world of GTA V more interesting, hardcore.

As well as variety, new roadblock barriers have been added (not just cones like in the original).

If you have any difficulties, write in the comments, I will definitely answer.

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1. The mod is still under development, so all comments and suggestions are welcome.

2. If you have another mod for the extended search system, it is recommended to first remove it, and then download this one.

3. If you have an old version of the game (Before the latest GTA Online update), then some of the newly added vehicles may not be available to you. Also, the failure of the mod and the departure of the game are not excluded.

(!To successfully install the mod, you need!):

1. ScriptHookV

2. ScriptHookV.NET

4. OpenIV

3. All GTA Online updates.

4. Install both the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 (or higher, so skip this on Windows 10) and the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2019 (x64).


1. Download the archive

2. Move the Dispatch.meta file along the path (Using the OPENIV program): GTA V / mods / update / update.rpf / common / data and replace the original file. (Original Files are in the Archive (if you have any problems)).

3. Now move the Army.vb file to the scripts folder in your GTA V directory. That is: GTA V / scripts (If you don't have it, just create it).

4. Run GTA 5

5. Play!


1. Thank you Rockstar for making a great game.

2. Microsoft for creating great software.

3. Alexander Blade for creating ScriptHookV.

4. Crosire and contributors, for ScriptHookV.NET

5. 5mith, for source code

6. PlasticTangerine, for a cool mod.

7. To all those with whom this mod is at least slightly connected.

Creator: ArkadiPro1

Thanks for downloading!

My other mods:

Menu Backups (LSPD, LSSD, SAPR, SAHP, NOOSE, FIB, ARMY, Merryweather)

This mod will be constantly updated, but only on this site!


Hello everyone, today I will post a new mod: Backups Menu. This is a simple mod with which you can summon reinforcements like: LSPD, LSSD, SAHP, NOOSE, FIB, ARMY, and even Merryweather.

Watch the video for more information. Feel free to ask about issues in the comments.

For now, use a trainer to remove objects, preferably Menyoo. In the next versions I will add patrolling and automatic deletion. To delete with Menyoo, go to Object Spooner, Manage Entity Database, Removal and select Delete All (Peds, Vehicles) in the World.


1. You will need 3 mods: Script Hook V, Script Hook V .NET and Native UI.

Links to mods:

1) (Put in GTA V folder),

2) (Put in GTA V folder),


3. Download the Mod, and put Menu Backups v.1.0.dll into your script folder (If you don't have a scripts folder, create it. Strictly like this: scripts)

5. Run GTA V and play!

(((-The mod is activated on the "B" key.-)))

Creator: ArkadiPro1

Thanks for Download!

Fort-Western NEW Army-Base!

This mod will be constantly updated, but only on this site!


Hello! Today I will lay out a grand map, a map of the new Military Base (Fort-Western)! I built it in the west of the map, near Fort Zancudo. As you can see, there are many soldiers at the base, of various military equipment. The base consists of 2 islands: 1 main, 2 auxiliary. Also at the base there are many pickup objects: first aid kits, body armor, weapons, parachutes. There are 4 towers around the base, they inspect the territory around the base. As far as the map is concerned, that's all. All objects, peds, cars, idea, I did everything myself! :) Who wants to help me improve this map, write in the comments.


1. The card is very heavy and demanding, if your computer does not handle the usual GTA badly, then refrain from downloading this card.

2. You should definitely download 2 mods! (I'm talking about mods for installing the map) If you do not download at least 1 of them, the map will not load and the game may crash!

3. At the initial loading of the map, not all objects may be loaded! In order for everything to load Create a new map and load the map again.

3. In order to load the island normally in the settings at a long distance, increase the draw distance to 3000.

4. If you go to a military base and walk there, the military will not react to you until you push them or start shooting.

How to download:

1. You will need 2 mods: Custom Props Add-On And Increased Props [Add-on] (Download them from the same site; See how to install on the site with mods; Open IV REQUIRED!)

Links to mods:



2. Install Map Editor

3. Download the Archive, then unzip the map to the folder where you store the maps (For convenience, create a folder: Maps)

4. Download GTA V, open the Map Editor, click download, select the folder with the map.

5. Done, you can play. (Where is the island, see the photo)

Map size: 1 megabyte.

Creator: ArkadiPro1

Thanks for downloading!