Paradise Valley Summit

Julene Reed, Ed.D.


New to Expeditions? Not sure what they are? Want to know how to integrate them into your lessons? This session is Expeditions for those who are eager, willing, and ready to travel the world through Virtual Reality (VR)! (Oh, and Expeditions AR is coming soon to Expeditions near you—we'll learn about it, too!)

This session is for those who are using Google Classroom and want to take it to the next level. Advanced features will be explored along with ways to make the most of this great workflow and management tool. Join this session to explore ways to get classy with Classroom!

Come explore the many ways Google Forms can be used in your classroom. We'll create a "choose your own adventure" type of form (branching), explore the use of forms for blended and flipped learning experiences, create a self-graded quiz, and much more. Let's get going with Forms!

(with special appearances by Maps and Tour Builder)

Navigate the "new" Google Earth, create Custom Maps, and more! Learn how we can build global literacy, develop global understanding, and increase global competencies using Google's Geo tools, all within the context of your curriculum. This a perfect complement to Project Based Learning. Grab your passports, and let's go!