Today (Marth 4, 2020) he released a new album "Ведический лес" group Stella XXL

Catalog#: ASCD0145Genre: Blues Style: Rock Country: Russia, LytkarinoFormat: CD, Album


FINIST - Along the Burned Villages

(Official Video) | Arisk Star

This track ranked fifth in the top 40 Arisk Star 2019.The band was founded in 2004 in Serpukhov and plays in the black folk style.The founder of the band is Alexander Morgen from the group Arisk Priest.



(Official Video) | Arisk Star

#ariskpriest #ariskstar #videoclip #veda Короткая версия песни "Veda" в исполнение группы Arisk Priest.


Lakes Manasarovar and Rakshastal

(Official Video) | Arisk Star


STELLA XXL - Autumn Blues

(Official Video) | Arisk Star

#stellaxxl #ariskstar #videoclip #autumnblues #bluesrock Another version on the song "Autumn Blues" performed by Stella XXL

Official Interview

Stella Galla

Arisk Star


Forest Dust

This story was written by Stella from the rock bands Stella XXL and Vedic Social Empire. The text is read by the author.


NITOKRIS TO BABYLON - Hymn of the Temple №13 Happiness of Progress (Official Video) | Arisk Star

#nitokristobabylon #ariskstar #videoclip #poprock The second video of the pop-rock band from Van.


STELLA XXL - The Lighthouses

(Official Video) | Arisk Star

#stellaxxl #ariskstar #videoclip #alexandria 21 October 2019 on Amazon, Spotify and other platforms have groups * Stella XXL* goes a new album " Sea of Illusion." The album tells about the sea, about lighthouses and ships. This video features one of the songs from this album, "The Lighthouses". This is the Fifth full-length album by the band from Lytkarino. All albums are released on the Cyprus music label Arisk Star


ARISK PRIEST - Pagan Bird Swa

(Official Video) | Arisk Star



Our God-Artificial Intelligence

#alilamaskila #artificialintelligence #videoclip #ariskstar #amperalexnico In this clip song "Our God - Artificial Intelligence" from album "Our God AI"


SATANIST - Hi, Bro Satan!

#satan #satanist #blackmetal New release from Satanist since October 1, 2019 Satanist - "Religion Devision Destroyer"


VEDIC SOCIAL EMPIRE - Pushkin Vs. Dantes

#пушкин #220летпушкину #pushkin #220yearspushkin #vedicsocialempire#пушкинпротивдантеса #pushkinvsdantes 6 июня 2019 года исполнилось 220 лет со дня рождения *АЛЕКСАНДРА СЕРГЕЕВИЧА ПУШКИНА* (1799 – 1837). Александр Сергеевич Пушкин родился в Москве 6 июня 1799 года. Московская рок-группа Ведическая социальная империя ко дню рождения великого поэта выпустила альбом "Пушкин против Дантеса. Дуэль на гитарах". В данном клипе представлена песня "Пушкин против Дантеса" из этого альбома в укороченном варианте.



#таро #гадалка #клип #tarot #ariskstar #videoclip #amperalexnico This clip features the song "Tarot", in a short version, from the album "Kokosh", which Amper Alex Nico released on our label Arisk Star. This solo album Amper dedicated to the fortune teller Kokosh, who lived in the eighties in Kazakhstan.



#пушкин #220летпушкину #лукоморье #pushkin #lucomoria #220years #vedicsocialempire 6 июня 2019 года исполнилось 220 лет со дня рождения АЛЕКСАНДРА СЕРГЕЕВИЧА ПУШКИНА (1799 – 1837). Александр Сергеевич Пушкин родился в Москве 6 июня 1799 года. Московская рок-группа Ведическая социальная империя ко дню рождения великого поэта выпустила альбом "Пушкин против Дантеса. Дуэль на гитарах" в данном клипе представлена песня "Лукоморье" с этого альбома в укороченном варианте.


STELLA XXL - Vezna Krasna

#stellaxxl #rock #videoclip #ariskstar В этом клипе представлена песня "Vezna Krasna", в короткой версии, из третьего полноформатного альбома "Seasons" который вышел в 2018 году на кипрском лейбле Arisk Star. Кстати, эта песня в 2018 году заняла первое место на нашем лейбле.



#vedic #rock #топ #vedisocialempire #vse #даария #ведическаясоциальнаяимперия #ariskstar 22 мая 2019 года на нашем лейбле выходит альбом "Pushkin vs. Dantes. Duel on Guitars" рок-группы Ведическая социальная империя. Небольшой фрагмент песни в этом клипе.



#vedic #rock #топ #vedisocialempire #vse #тартария #ведическаясоциальнаяимперия #ariskstar 22 мая 2019 года на нашем лейбле выходит альбом "Pushkin vs. Dantes. Duel on Guitars" рок-группы Ведическая социальная империя. Небольшой фрагмент песни в этом клипе.

Today (April 21, 2019) he released a new album "Good Inna" group Satanist

New interview Amper Alex Nico

about fortune tellers, psychics and the present date of beginning of the Aquarius era

В Ютубе на русском языке

Interview Amper Alex Nico from April 1, 2019.

From it you learn a lot of new things. About the fortuneteller Kokosh, psychic Juna, about the Levashov album and other albums of the Arisk Star label, and also when exactly the Age of Aquarius will begin and what it carries.

Sasha: We didn't seem to part.

Amper: Less than six months.

Sasha: As you Amper, you were right about Kerch. Literally two weeks after your interview, the Ukrainian ships tried to sail under the Kerch bridge.

Amper: Consciousness official in the Crimea is difficult to change. Everything will continue in the same vein.

Sasha: What new albums were released this year on the label?

Amper: Tilak: Trance Yoga has released its first collection of the best songs. The Arisk Priest band is their album "Pagan Rare", and the blues rock band from Lytkarino Stella XXL is their new album "On a Halo". By the way, this group has been recognized as the best label group for several years.

Sasha: Is that why I have a question? And you can specifically learn about the annual results of the label for 2018?

Amper: Yes, of course. Every year the label, since 2001, defines the best band, as well as an album and a song.

Sasha: On the basis of sales?

Amper: Yes. But we went further than other labels. The best group of the year gets a star, like every member of this team, at that time.

Sasha: Star? How interesting!

Amper: But we are Arisk Star. We are obliged to give the stars! And then over the years it turns out a kind of star rating for groups and performers.

Sasha: It reminds you of how they gave in the Patriotic War for the downed aircraft.

Amper: Or a tank.

Sasha: And who now has the most stars?

Amper: For 18 years, this is already a big list.

Sasha: Well, at least name the leaders of these lists.

Amper: The Cypriot group Astika & Swastika scored five stars most of the teams, but it won’t score more, as it broke up in 2015, and four stars, I have already spoken about this group, at Stella XXL, which in recent years does not give the palm to anyone. By the way, the best album and song of the year, also of this group. And by performers, here seven stars scored Astika and Swa, both girls from the group Astika & Swastika. But Swa died in a car accident in 2015 and therefore will not be able to increase her result, but Astika can, she is now a member, like me, of the new rock band Vedic Social Empire.

Sasha: Is it possible to learn more about this team?

Amper: The band was formed at the end of 2018 and it is only planned to release the first album.

Sasha: Is there a name for the album?

Amper: "Pushkin vs. Dantes. Duel on Guitars"

Sasha: Strong! And when does the album come out?

Amper: May 21st. The material is almost ready.

Sasha: We will wait. I listened several times to your Kokosh album. Loved it. I would like to know about this fortuneteller any more amazing facts.

Amper: My future wife, when she was in the sixth grade, she said: “Today your future husband graduated from school.” And also, she said that I would come to her from the northern country in four years. And, indeed, four years later I came from the RSFSR to Kazakhstan. As you know, the RSFSR is the northern republic in relation to Kazakhstan.

Sasha: Did Kokosh find it out by herself or by cards?

Amper: She wondered at the future bridegroom at taro, and then at the beans. And both results coincided. When I married Shize, she, at my request, read fortunes about my future work in Kazakhstan. The answer struck me, to put it mildly. If I get settled in the summer, that is, right now, I will work in a petty position and hard work. If in the fall - then in a major position ...

Sasha: ... and easy work. Just some tales! Is it possible?!

Amper: My wife at the time was in charge of me working on a sawmill in a village. I, after such a fortune telling, completely refused to go anywhere to get a job. He stayed until autumn, although it was difficult with finances. On the first of September I went back to Kokosh, to clarify where I should look for this major position.

Sasha: And where ?!

Amper: Tarot and beans gave the answer. That only on the high road.

Sasha: I will precipitate now !!! Have you become a gangster ?!

Amper: No, Sasha, calm down. Everything is different here. I took the district map and began to search for the largest road nearby. It turned out to be the Aryk-Balik - Volodarskoe highway. The next morning I got on a poor bike and drove to this track. Bicycle threw in the bushes and got on the road. There is no ruble in the pocket, neither people nor cars are on the road. I stand and think: - But am I a complete idiot? I came to get a job in this deaf place. Where one dust and steppe. Forgot to add more. I took some vinyl records with me.

Sasha: For what?

Amper: Well, Kokosh told me then that the best thing to meet was to take something, such as magazines, you can record.

Sasha: Like, I will be with a newspaper in hand, will you recognize me? Straight spy tv series!

Amper: Yes. This is all hard to believe, and even harder to come up with all this. But this whole circus was happening exactly.

Sasha: Have you waited for a long time?

Amper: A couple of hours. Cars rarely drove first, then more.

Sasha: No one stopped?

Amper: No. I did not raise my hand. I came to the road not to go somewhere, but to get a job.

Sasha: Is it really possible to believe fortune-tellers so fanatically?

Amper: It depends on how fortune teller! And then a black Volga number 00-01 KTA drives up to me.

Sasha: Serious number.

Amper: The door opens and an elderly man invites me to sit in his back seat. In the course of our conversation, he noted that I Akai, as if from Moscow. I confirmed its version. Then he began to review my records. It turned out he is a collector and he does not have such. Of course, I immediately gave them to him. And then he introduced himself as the First Secretary of the local party organization and was ready to take me to some big position.

Sasha: Super! I have a question, is it possible for each person to decompose life on the shelves? I mean if the right fortune teller on the way caught?

Amper: Yes, everyone, they are excellent business consultants and predictors in one bottle. But real fortune-tellers are very few. And then it all depends on the person, to follow the recommendations or not. 99.99% surely did not go, like me, to get a job on this road. It is so! They would just mutter under their breath: - It can not be. It does not happen. This is a divorce!

Sasha: Where would I find such a Kokosh?

Amper: It’s not in vain in fairy tales that the warriors stand by the stone for a long time, which is on the junction of three roads. Decide where better to turn. So in the fate of each person such a crossroads occurs.

Sasha: Is it possible that only professional fortune-tellers can show the right way?

Amper: Nothing like that. It can be professionals in numerology, and in astrology, and in esoterics. The source from which all this is taken is one, the methods are different. It's like in the forest. A simple man will not notice anything, but a pro hunter will see that here the boar has been rubbing against a tree, here the protein has been nibbling on a nut.

Sasha: I see. Besides Kokosh, have you met with this kind of people?

Amper: In the early nineties when he lived in Moscow, he met many times with Juna, Globy. By the way, at the first meeting, Juna noticed a small home-made embroidery on my sleeve of a leather jacket, read it and said: “Niko, I can give you an interview today.” The question is, from where, she found out what is my name and that I work as a journalist. But I came, indeed, to interview her. Although she was illiterate, but highly spiritual and very sensitive woman.

Sasha: Juna is illiterate?

Amper: I understood that from the very first minutes when she began to write a note to our chief editor Selezneva. She asked me: - Gennady, is it written with two or three N?

Sasha: Did you know Levashov? Is he like Was he literate?

Amper: No, I did not personally know. He flew to America at the very end of 1991, and I arrived in Moscow from Kazakhstan in early 1992. Next year, December 21st, I have to release my second solo album "Levashov" on Arisk Star.

Sasha: Wow! What a news! And about juna will let out?

Ampere: Maybe later I'll take on Juna!

Sasha: Will you use the verses of Nikolai Viktorovich in the album?

Amper: Sure.

Sasha: And why on the day of the winter solstice? Is it related to something? After all, Levashov's birthday is February 8?

Amper: On this day, on December 21, 2020, the Great Conjunction will occur in the sign of the air element at 1 ° degree Aquarius, which marks the beginning of the Age of Air, that is, the Age of Aquarius. The habitual materialistic way of life characteristic of the earthly epoch will go into the past, the world will change literally before our eyes. The materialistic way of life remains 630 days.

Sasha: Do you even count for days?

Amper: Yes, I have it written in my diary.

Sasha: But what about March 21, 2003? After all, it was then announced the beginning of the Age of Aquarius?

Amper: Pavel Globa revised this date and also insists on the year 2020. And one more powerful argument in favor of the new date. In the nineties, the frequency of Schumann was on Earth less than 8 Hz. In recent years, the process of changing the frequency from 12 to 17 Hz has begun. it is influenced by the magnetic pole of the Earth, which has begun to move towards Russia. But at the end of 2020 there will be a jump to 30 Hz. and higher. People undressed by material goods will feel a surge of creative power and other pleasant bonuses, but we will not envy materialists with reduced kilohertz.

Sasha: We will not!

Amper: Great punishments await them. Who will pay with his life, who is sick, who is wealth, who is near and dear. Kilohertz will judge all. The change of eras is very similar to the change of coaches in a team. New broom sweeps in a new way. Which of the players will the new coach fire, who will be forced to train until the seventh sweat, and of course, new promising players will come. Only with the change of epochs this happens more and more.

Sasha: So people evolve! Soon the big coach will come, and here we are fat. What country likes Aquarius?

Amper: Russia, Ethiopia.

Sasha: Does he not love?

Amper: Israel. It's just a favorite of the previous coach.

Sasha: And the last question. Can a man become a god?

Amper: Every person is already God. But almost none of the people they do not want to be. After all, all the time to study, work, build for the benefit of others, oh, how reluctant. It is easier to pretend to be a slave and fool around with pears, but what about a slave to take except chains? A slave is not responsible for anything, not life, but raspberry.

Sasha: Thank you, Amper, for the interview, I think that before the Age of Aquarius we will meet again. All the best to you and your label. We look forward to the new albums and look forward to the Age of Aquarius.

P.S. Other Amper interviews

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"Pagan Rare" group Arisk Priest

New videoclip

"Alexandria" blues rock group Stella XXL

New interview Amper Alex Nico

about flat earth and the events in Kerch

В Ютубе на русском языке. English subtitles

Interview Amper Alex Nico from October 20, 2018.

Sasha: what albums are coming out on Arisk Star Company Ltd. in autumn?

Amper: on October 4, Stella XXL released her next single "Vselennaya", today Turkish pop-rock band Nitokris to Nitokhris to Babylonis releasing its first full-length album. And already exactly month out my first solo album.

Sasha: Yes, I've already seen the cover of this album, but why is it so strangely called "Kokosh"?

Amper: This album I dedicate, the person is long gone with us, she is already in another world. And her name was Kokosh, grandmother Kokosh. I met with her in Kazakhstan back in the 80's. In the evenings she read it on the beans, Taro. In short, was a fortune teller. But a difficult fortune teller, and very insightful. What she predicted for me, it all came true. Every little thing.

Sasha: for money wondered?

Amper: No. She was a relative of my first wife. One night she told me an interesting parable. Sit microbes do in the toilet and argue for life. Have microbes life a small sometimes lasts minutes. So. The oldest of all microbes States. You're all rookies. Seen my life. I even lived before the flood, not like you. What happened before the flood? Asked the young germs. And then. Us microbes then was a whole huge colony. We are so well and happily lived, not now. And then began a terrible flood. Almost all of us died because they were washed away somewhere in hell. Before he could finish the sentence started on a new flood - and it was just a little boy accidentally pressed the handle on the tank. He didn't even know he drowned so many germs. Conclusion. People also may not live compared with the Gods, but also can be in a myriad times smaller than the smallest of the Gods. Think about it. Maybe germs live in us and we live in God, and he's still in someone. Not everything is as simple in this world as it seems at first. And such parables sprinkled grandmother winter evenings.

Sasha: If she lived now, she would definitely have a myriad of subscribers.

That's right. So many years have passed, and her statements are still relevant.

Sasha:what other novelties will be?

Amper: November 21 will be released the fourth album of the Greek band Thule-Orden.

Sasha: I keep thinking about this grandmother, she didn't tell you anything about the Land. Flat or round.

Amper: I have a Strange interview. All right. Grandma Kokosh once told me that the Earth is a spaceship. I asked, and what it's like on this ship. She told me that it can take different forms. As captain of the ship want the shape to be.

Sasha: Transformer that whether?

Amper: so it Turns out. But just one such word she didn't know. I have it asked his assistant then, and the USSR where is in this a ship. Well, like, in the tail or ahead.

Sasha: Well, just like me, you were so meticulous as a child!

Amper: What childhood, I have then served in the army. What are you doing, Sashenka?!

Sasha: Well, I...what compartment was our country in?

She said. Our section is a large warehouse. And Brezhnev is just the Manager of this warehouse. She said it in a whisper and looked back.

Sasha: Damn. Sounds about right.

Amper: I'm really into this after such a response.

Sasha: have you heard about the event in Kerch?

Amper: Yes. Condolences to all the streets. Hold on! Only thing I do not understand if Poroshenko calls Crimea is his, then why didn't he also announced three days of mourning throughout Ukraine. All heads of the world sympathized with it, and now it turns out condole with Putin and Russia. This means the Crimea is more Russian than Ukrainian. I'm not talking about the power outages, the overlap of the channel with fresh water and so on. Father would be so torment their children.

Sasha: I Really hope that this will not happen again in Crimea. After all, as I know nothing like this has happened.

Amper: And I think that's just the beginning. In fact, now at the esoteric level, Kerch is the capital of the Republic of Crimea.

Sasha: what about Simferopol?

Amper: Sasha, Simferopol was in the Ukraine. Now everything has changed. Previously, Kerch was the Appendix of the Crimea, the deaf bear corner, and now all the lines are going to Kerch, and then in the rest of Crimea. Roads, gas, water, electricity, prod supplies. and prom., Finance and so everything goes from Russia first to Kerch. Plus the Crimean bridge, ports, the most important passage in the two seas. In fact, it is necessary to transfer the capital to Kerch at the material level. Kerch is now the most important strategic object in the Crimea. Now, in the old days, the products are being transported across the Crimean bridge from Russia to Simferopol bases, and then they are transported around the Crimea, it is absurd to carry, for example, milk in two ends. If you think a little head it all becomes clear. The capital is not Simferopol. And while this will be a misunderstanding of the local authorities, everything will be worse and worse. Kerch without the status of the capital is now subject to enormous tension in everything. Here, the construction of the Crimean century: the railroad and the bridge, here begins the road to Tauris, here ports, and that Simferopol. The capital need significantly better to protect, provide all the necessary, and do not, therefore, in Kerch is still a lot to happen. Imagine NATO ships going to exercise in the sea of Azov. And Kerch at the level of the provincial town. All authorities in dusty Simferopol. And such difficulties are now in Kerch above the roof. No one wants to think about it.

Sasha: Yes, I think you are right here. All the most significant is now happening in Kerch.

Amper: Yeah! This is the top city of Crimea at the moment. But the attitude of the Crimean authorities to him is the most idiotic. After all, our Kerch guys from Zoran Leleka Rock Group released their album "Black Sun"not without reason in the summer. Have you seen the cover of this album?

Sasha: Yes. Scary black angel.

He's alone. Maybe this is Vlad. Look at the old covers of their albums. Nothing like that. I asked Zoran what happened to making such a cover. He said to me, some shit I will soon feel we have going on.

Sasha: Arisk Star because a couple of groups of Kerch recorded.

Amper: Yes. Therefore, I am aware of all Affairs in Kerch.

Sasha: Thank you very much, Amper for such an interesting and useful interview, I think it was useful not only for me, but also for my readers. We will wait for new releases and, of course, your album "Kokosh".