TAUT is a website where you can find a variety of randomly-generated, self-correcting logic excercises. You can access it via:


PhyTreeMaker is a tool designed to draw simple and pretty phylogenetic trees and save them in various formats. Access it via:


Reconstructor is a program designed to test and run formal reconstructions of theories, made in the structuralist format. It also does some cool logic stuff, and I believe it can be useful for teaching logic.

Download [version 1.4]:

To run the program simply extract the .rar file (you can use WinRAR for that), and open Reconstructor.exe

All versions include a User's manual and some example .theory files


Cladule is a Python module designed to automatically generate a schedule for a congress (or any other (non-)academic event). To do that, I have adapted algorithms found in cladistics to find optimal schedules, that optimize a number of non-desirable events (whose costs are specified by the end user).

It has already been successfully used to generate the schedule of the XI AFHIC meeting, an academic philosophy and history of science congress that had approximately 350 expositions, distributed in 7-8 simultaneous sessions among 5 days.

I am now working in embedding it in a web framework, in order to give it a graphical user interface.

More soon!

Ariel Jonathan Roffé, UBA / CEFHIC-UNQ-CONICET,