Peer Reviewed Articles

"The Effect of Prevailing Wage Law Repeals and Enactments on Injuries and Disabilities in the Construction Industry," Public Works Management & Policy. 2019, Vol.24(4) 368--384 . Li, Zhi; Pleites, Gabriel; Zorigtbaatar, Chimedlkham; Fenn, Ari; Philips, Peter.

"The Effect of Prevailing Wage Repeals on Construction Income and Benefits," Public Works Management & Policy. 2018, Vol. 23(4) 346--364. Fenn, Ari; Li, Zhi; Pleites, Gabriel; Zorigtbaatar, Chimedlkham; Philips, Peter.

Papers Under Review

"Labor Market Segmentation Governs Fatalities in Construction" Zhi, Li; Fenn, Ari; Gabriel, Pleites; Hegmann, Kurt; Waitzman, Norman; and Philips, Peter; Under Review

Works in Progress

Job Market Paper "Are Patients Collateral Damage? The Effect of Registered Nurse Unions on Patient Outcomes." This paper studies the effects of registered nurse unions in the acute care hospital setting on 13 nurse sensitive patient outcomes.

``Workplace Safety, Registered Nurse Unions Effects on Hospital Injury Rates.'' This paper studies the effect that registered nurse unions have on injury rates in the acute care setting using nationwide firm level OSHA data.