Chemistry for the Augmented Age

We intend to bring forth the augmented age of education with spatial AR/VR based tools and an overarching goal of making the worlds physical, chemical, and quantum knowledge accessible and moldable for the next generation of Makers, Students, & Mad Scientists.

Collaborative AR for the Classroom

Early demo of what an augmented classroom will look like. The brain in this video is animated based on FMRI scans of a brain on cocaine. We chose this to highlight the growing addiction problems around the world and believe that our toolset will help equip educators and learners with the tools they need to understand those problems on a fundamental level and begin healing those afflicted.

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The average student does not have access to lab equipment and their professor, teacher, parent in most cases does not have the ability to provide equipment like Petawatt lasers, the Large Hadron Collider, or even simple scanning electron microscopes in many cases.

How are we supposed to tackle humanity's greatest problems without enabling them with the tools they need.

That is why we are building Augmented & Virtual Reality based tools to elevate the classroom & distance learner experience.

To enable as many learners as possible in this next wave of material scientists, chemical engineers, Biological-Designers, Quantum physicists, & many more disciplines with the tools & knowledge they need to reshape what's possible.

Lesson Builder

Step 1

Pick a topic that you want to explain

Choose something you're a domain expert in or that was difficult for you or your students to understand and that you know could be explained better if you were learning/teaching it in an augmented environment.

Step 3

Publish Your Lesson

Publish your lesson to our growing knowledge base of topics for exploration by learners from all over the world. Once published anyone can load up your lesson into their AR/VR environment and learn about the topic from the information & supplements that you have provided.

Step 2

Create a Lesson

Add text, pictures, videos, & models to your lesson plan to augment the learners experience and better explain your topic. Craft detailed lessons with lots of supporting information to ensure the intended topic is understood.

The Team

Zachary Phillips

UX/UI Design & modeling

Zachary has developed award winning Augmented & Virtual experiences and is a certified Organic Photovoltaic Theorist with interests in quantum mechanics & nano-material assembly.

Diego Borges

Synthetic Biology Consultant

Diego is an ex MIT Bioinformatics PHD candidate whose research focuses on shape and correlated function at the quantum level.



Software/Data Partner

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