Our Mission Statement

The Association of Raza Educators (ARE) was established to uphold the rights and liberties of the Raza community. Education is essential to the preservation of civil and human rights. It provides the foundation for all political and economic progress and it must be a basic right of all people. Making this right a reality is the fundamental objective of ARE. Raza has been and continues to be oppressed by the educational system within the United States. Therefore, we are obligated to ensure that education serves as a tool for the liberation of our community.

The Association of Raza Educators, San Diego Chapter (ARE-SD), a grassroots community organization, has re-activated the ARE Community Relief Fund for Undocumented Families to provide assistance to undocumented students and families in San Diego County who are in dire need due to the devastating coronavirus pandemic.

Always working closely with our community, we know that many students' families have been subjected to the most unstable and health threatening jobs and yet still struggle to make ends meet. Several families are months behind in rent and facing evictions and they are ineligible for benefits such as unemployment and stimulus checks. We know that the few resources available are not enough to sustain the students we love and care for. This is why we are calling for you to stand in solidarity with some of our most vulnerable students, by joining local educators who have already committed to sharing their own monetary resources with our families in need.

In these harsh and unforgiving times, we urge all those committed to social justice and collectivism to give what they can! In a unified spirit of accountability, love and purpose, we will NOT abandon our children in their time of need! Our students deserve dignity! We are inextricably tied in this struggle - JOIN US!

ALL funds remain local and go in-full, directly to San Diego students and families.

Please donate here.