Providing Residential and Commercial Building Inspections in Jefferson County, and the surrounding area for 13 years and counting.

Home Inspections

I pride myself on making sure inspections are as thorough, and complete as possible.  Before inspecting I was a residential electrician, and have been involved in construction my whole life.

Residential inspections are performed in accordance with Wisconsin's Standards of Practice for Home Inspectors.  This includes a thorough evaluation of all the major components, including the Structure, Roof, Exterior, Plumbing, Electrical, Interior, Heating and Cooling, Attic, and Garage.  

Pricing is based on the square footage of the home and starts at $375 for a smaller home.  For a quote, you can click here, otherwise feel free to call (920-988-8035) or email (

WI Home Inspector Lic. 2369-106

Radon Testing - Residential and Commercial

Short term radon tests are performed to EPA testing protocols.  Testing in homes is performed with electronic CRM (continous radon monitor) devices, so the test results are available immediatly after the test is completed.   

Area Inspection Services, LLC also provides radon testing for commercial buildings, including apartment buildings, schools and daycare centers.

NRPP Measurement Provider Certification #110637RT

Radon Mitigation

Pricing starts at $795, but varies depending on the layout of the home.  Please call for a free estimate.  Radon mitigaiton systems are guaranteed to lower radon levels below the EPA's threshold of 4.0 pCi/L.   I make every effort to keep the systems as quiet and unobtrusive as possible.  A free follow up radon test is also included to ensure reduced radon levels. 

NRPP Mitigation Provider Certification #110638RMT

Commercial Inspections

Commercial inspections are offered on a wide variety of small to medium sized commercial properties, specializing in multi-unit properties.  Pricing varies by size, age, and occupancy type.  Please call or email for a quote.



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