BSM Research

1. Photo of the Ark by Cummings-Anderson 1972 analyzed by BSM Research:

2. Photo of the Ark by Ahmet Ali Arslan 1989 via Robin Simmons:

In the year 2010, Ararat717 team met with BSM Research at a presentation/sharing meeting (Quest for the search of Noah's Ark) in UCLA. To verify the authenticity of the Arslan photo, Mr. Paiva needed to confirm if the background mountain was indeed SIS (Lesser Ararat).

BSMRA slide showing Ararat (Sis and Masis)

in the background of Arslan photo

In the summer of 2011, during Ararat717 team's climb of both Sis and Masis we brought back many photographs from the Ararat region confirming that SIS (Lesser Ararat) is the background mountain of the Ehmet Arslan 1989 photo, as presented by the BSM Research Associates.

Photograph of SIS (Lesser Ararat) taken July of 2011

BSM Research slide showing SIS (Lesser Ararat) to be the background mountain of Ahmet Arslan 1989 photograph of the Ark (located at the NE face of MASIS)

Ararat Valley and the Summit of MASIS

Ararat Climb - 2011

At the Summit of MASIS looking towards the Saddle in between two peaks (August 2008)

At the Summit of MASIS between two peaks at the Saddle (July of 2011)

Looking down from the summit of MASIS

(July, 2011)

BSM Research slide pointing to the location of the Ark between the two peaks

(below the Saddle)

Ark location according to the Armenians