2015 Expedition

On an expedition to Mt. Ararat (July, 2015) from the LOS the Ark Zone (AZ) at the Google Earth-Digital Globe (GE-DG) Coordinates has been photographed resulting in high resolution imagery. Below are the close up view of the AZ and the processed images showing visible "Internal Structure" with multiple decks.

The Real Ark of Noah at the EXACT

GE-DG Coordinates: 39°42'33.07" N / 44°18'1.26" E

Ark Zone close up photographs (2011 left and 2015 right) at ~ 15,500 feet (above Ahora Gorge) at the Google Earth - DG coordinates: 39° 42' 33.07 N 44° 18' 1.26 E

Ark Zone positioned at NE face of MASIS at ~ 15,500 feet elevation

Internal Structure

Close up view of the Internal Structure with Pins

Internal Structure with Glacial Fracture Edges

AZ with Internal Debris and Pin

GE image left and the 2015 AZ right

3-point correlation of the Ark Zone 2015 to the GE / NGA masked coordinates

Noah's Ark Section One 15,532 feet (4.7 Km)

Noah's Ark Section II 15,204 feet (4.634 Km)

Rectangle Shaped Reinforcement...Intermittently Spaced Length of The Ark