For over 2 decades Mr. Amirkhanian has examined various documents and news reports (published in Armenian, English, Russian and Persian) and numerous eyewitness accounts. Analysis of the data he collected, along with research conducted by BSM Research Association and photographs he has taken during his recent climbs of Mt. Ararat, suggest that Noah's Ark is resting at about 15,500 feet above sea-level on MASIS (Greater Ararat).

Mr. Amirkhanian took photographs of an object during his 2011 expedition to Mt. ARARAT, which in fact are photographs of the true Ark of Noah.

These photographs show The Ark at the published coordinates of 39° 42' 33.07 N 44° 18' 1.26 E (Google Earth / Digital Globe). As of July 23, 2014 (6 days after Ararat717 launch date) the coordinates were masked by the GE / GSA /...

Sufficient data suggests that The Ark is in a deteriorating condition and in a great need of preservation.

The Ark itself is the Heritage of the World.

Glacier-Ark Proportional Scale (the glacier wall height is ~300 ft compared to Ark ~50 ft)

Ark Zone (correlation of 1985 - 2011 photos of AZ)

The GE / DG satellite image and 2011 photo of the Ark have proportional ratios with respect to the H-Ledge

The Ark is resting on Breached Imbricate Ledge

The image analysis and scientific work has been performed by BSM Research Associates (BSMRA)

The Ark of Noah observed by key eyewitness accounts when the Global Temperature Index (GTI) is at maximum amplitudes (prepared by BSM Research)