Mount Ararat

1. Background:

Armenian: Մասիս, Արարատ

Turkish: Ağrı Dağı

Kurdish: Çiyayê Agirî

Persian: کوه آرارات (Kuh-e Ararat)

Greater Ararat (MASIS) the tallest peak in Turkey, and the entire Armenian plateau has an elevation of 5,136 m/16,854 ft. And the Lesser Ararat (SIS) has an elevation of 3,896 m/12,782 ft.

2. Location:

Mount Ararat is located in the Eastern Anatolia Region of Turkey between Doğubayazıt and Iğdır, near the border with Iran and Armenia, between the Aras and Murat Rivers. Its summit is located some 16 km (10 mi) west of the Iranian and 32 km (20 mi) south of the Armenian border. The Nakhchivan exclave of Azerbaijan is also in close proximity to the mountain. The Ararat plain runs along its northwest to western side

3. Geology:

Ararat is a stratovolcano, formed of lava flows and pyroclastic ejecta, with no volcanic crater. Above the height of 4,200 m (13,780 ft), the mountain mostly consists of igneous rocks covered by an ice cap.

Red Canyon - Mt. Ararat (2008)

Mt. Ararat - Peak #4 opposite of the Summit (2015)

Mt. Ararat - photo from the Summit (2011)

Mt. Ararat - photo from the Summit (2015)

NE Mt. Ararat - Ahora Gorge (2016)

NE Mt. Ararat - Ahora Gorge - Zoomed In (2016)

NE Mt. Ararat - Ark Zone above Ahora Gorge (2016)

Mt. Ararat - Ark Zone above Ahora Gorge (2015)

SIS & MASIS from Yerevan (Ararat Province - Khor Virap)

MASIS from the roof-top of Khor Virap Church (Summer of 2010)

Summit of Mt. Ararat with multiple peaks (2015)

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