The mission of Ararat717 is to educate the public about the significance of Noah's Ark as it relates to the Global Flood and the Creation (as described in the Holy Bible)...the historical truth of the Earth...where it came from...where it is...and where it is going by raising awareness about the existence of Noah's Ark, and its true resting location on Mt. Ararat; through Ark preservation campaigns, collection & publication of international historical documents about The Ark, public presentations, seminars and scholarly teachings.

...It is our mission to confront an upside-down world and set it right...

Ararat717 Sis+Masis Climb 2011

Ararat717 Objectives:

  1. Expose the True location of Noah's Ark at NE face of MASIS.
  2. Organize scientific expeditions for physical characterization of the ship and it's protection...as the Ark is the historical heritage of mankind on this planet...with applications to the sciences cumulatively...physical and biological.
  3. Preserve The Ark through close collaborations with International Institutions such as UNESCO.
  4. Raise public awareness by scientific publications and public presentations.

God's protection for our Mission (Psalm 91 in Armenian)