Noah's Ark Location

The true Ark of Noah surviving the global flood as described in the Book of Genesis chapters 6, 7 & 8 has been kept intact by the grace of God for centuries. The Ark of Noah has been preserved under the glaciers of Mt. Ararat (MASIS = "Mother of the World"). And now due to global warming and receding of the glaciers/ice the Ark has once again appeared (position is visible at the GE Digital Globe Satellite) on the NE face of MASIS: 39° 42' 33.07 N 44° 18' 1.26 E

Former editor of National Geographic Magazine, Gilbert H. Grosvenor once said:

“If the ark of Noah is ever found, it will be the greatest archaeological discovery in history and the greatest event since the Resurrection of Christ; and it will alter all the currents of scientific thought.”

There is no need to find the Ark of Noah. The Biblical Ark of Noah is positioned on Mountains of Ararat and once again is appearing at the NE face of MASIS.

39° 42' 33.07 N

44° 18' 1.26 E

As described in the first book of Bible:

"And the Ark rested in the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, upon the mountains of ARARAT"

Genesis 8:4

Armenian Bible (Genesis 8:1-5)