How to Track Aramex

You have booked a courier with the Aramex and want to know the status of It. That is where the Aramex courier tracking feature kicks in. Using this track and trace service, one can easily know the expected delivery time of their parcel. In this article, we will see how to get status information.

Before diving into the tracking of the courier, first, let's go through the process of sending a courier and then we will see how to know the updated delivery time. The process is pretty simple. One has to write a piece of information on a paper and then wrap it in an envelope. Then write down the From Address and To Address on the back of the envelope. Now the question is how much it costs to send the letter to the addressee location.

Send Aramex Courier

There are a couple of ways to know the price. If you have a weighing machine at your home that can show in milligrams, then weigh the letter on it and then head on to the postage calculator feature on the Aramex website. There enter the weight and the source and delivery location. It will show you a rough amount that costs to send the package. However, in most of the houses, there won't be a weighing machine that displays in milligrams.

In this case, you can head to the courier office and hand the envelope to the clerk. The clerk will calculate the price and let you know. Then you can book the delivery. Now as soon as you hand it over to the staff, you will be given a slip that contains the AWB tracking number.

Track Aramex Courier

Using this AWB number, we have to check the status of the article. There quite a significant number of ways to know the status. The best way to get the status is to use the online method. Open the Aramex official website in your browser and then hit on the consignment tracking page. On this page, you will find a text box to enter the article number. Here, in this box type the AWB number and solve the captcha expression. Once you are done, hit on the track button. This will display the complete status information of your courier.

There are other less popular methods for tracking the speed post like sending SMS, Calling IVR number, and then approaching the Aramex Courier office. However, these types of methods cost you a penny and also consume your time. So, better chose the online method.

This is how the tracking of courier is done online and in other ways. Hope this article is very helpful to you in understanding how the parcel details can be known online. By the way, don't forget to call the customer care of the Aramex department in case if you are not able to trace your package. Otherwise, who knows your parcel might be lost forever. This is how the status of courier is tracked online.