How much Aramex Courier Charges

How to calculate the Aramex courier charges. A detailed explanation of different ways to calculate the cost is explained here.

This is an interesting question and everyone wants to how much does the Aramex courier costs. One cannot simply estimate the charges just by looking at the package and knowing the delivery location. There is a calculation behind it. This calculation is pretty straightforward and anyone can apply to know the charges for sending a parcel.

In the earlier article, we have already seen a bit on how to calculate the courier charges. But here in this article, we will see it in every detail. The below table shows you the Aramex courier charges calculation based on the weight of the article and the distance of the addressee location.

Aramex Courier Charges

Aramex Charges

Aramex Courier Charges

From this table you can see that, it costs Rs.50 for a 250g package to be delivered to a distance of up to 200Kms. You can see this table has made the calculation so easy. To use this table, you need to know the weight of the package which you have to match with the row in the first column of the table. Then you should know the distance of the delivery location from your current location, then you have to match with the column corresponding to the row that you have identified for weight. This table cell will give you the speed post cost.

If you are not good at matching with this table. Then, you can calculate the charges online using the courier charges calculator. Here in this calculator enter the weight and distance and it will show you the price. Even after this if you are not able to convince with the cost. Then the last option is to go to the post office and check with the staff on the exact price.

This explanation is good enough for you to calculate the Aramex courier charges. This doesn't stop here. If you want proof of delivery, then you have to pay Rs.10 extra. This extra feature is good to use when you want to make sure that the letter is delivered. After finding out the charges, you have to pay the amount that is equivalent to the price for delivering the letter. Then you have to submit this letter to the office staff. From this point, it is the Aramex delivery boy responsibility to deliver your parcel. You can sit back and relax. In the meantime, if you want to know the status, then you can use the trace feature to get the expected delivery time.

I am assuming with this detailed explanation, you are clear on the calculation of the courier charges. For any queries with the charges, you can visit the nearest GPO branch and get them resolved. Do you know that the speed post courier cost is very less when compared with other courier brands in India? It just costs one-fourth of what the private courier companies are charging for normal courier types. Better choose the Indian postal department for always sending the letters and save some bucks in your pocket. If you still have any questions, then you can drop us a mail.