Hey, I'm

Aradhana Vaidya

About me

Hey, I’m Aradhana, aka Ana – a graphics technology geek, food lover, hiking enthusiast, avid reader and writer too. I’m truly fascinated by technology that’s used to create beautiful images. Pixels on screen is my thing!

I am a product leader at Autodesk working towards building a common web graphics system on our Cloud platform. I love speaking and connecting with our customers. The idea is to understand customer needs, identify market trends and then respond to the input by adjusting requirements, prioritizing and building again — the essence of product management.

I also enjoy leading and mentoring: helping people figure out their strengths and reach their fullest potential. I’m passionate about getting more women into technology.

Talks & Events

Over the years, I have participated in a number of events where I’m giving technical product demos to our customers, teaching a class or presenting a conference talk. Depending on the size of the event, some of them have even got media coverage!

3D Projects

This is my work as 3D artist. Some are experiments and some it is work done in graduate school.


I write about technology and art on Medium. Or connect via Twitter or LinkedIn.