Astronomía Para Todos Observatories Group -APTOG- consist of three private astronomical observatories located in Comunitat Valenciana, Spain, focussed on asteroid photometry since 2006: OIA-Observatorio Isaac Aznar, POP-Punto de Observación de Puçol and 360ºO-Observatorio 360º.

All phometrics results are compilled in the Asteroid Photometric Survey, which contains information about Main-Belt asterids, Binary asterid, Tumblers asteroids, Near Earth Asteroids and Mars-Crossing asteroids.

OIA-Observatorio Isaac Aznar

OIA-Observatorio Isaac Aznar.

Aras de los Olmos, Valencia, Spain.

Remotely controlled. This is the first astronomical observatory remotely controlled in Comunitat Valenciana, Spain, since year 2012.

Equiped with T35 telescope, STL1001 CCD and adaptative optic. Sloan photometric filters.

POP-Punto de Observación de Puçol.

Puçol, Valencia, Spain.

Equiped with:

T25+adaptative optic+SBIG ST9 CCD & T13 .

360ºO-Observatorio 360º

360º is an urban observatory focussed on bright asteroid photometry analysis and stars ocultations.

Located in Casas de Bárcena, Valencia, Spain, this observatory is equiped with a T30 and ST4k CCD camera.

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