Albuquerque Public Schools has partnered with ClassHero for Math on a new district-wide initiative aimed at providing new levels of supports for math learning. The initiative also celebrates real life heroes, hand selected by the APS Language and Cultural Equity team, transformed into printed HeroBadges students earn through math achievement.

What is ClassHero for Math?

ClassHero is a new teacher tool that lets APS teachers assign Stepping Stones math curriculum to students as digital practice instead of paper worksheets or packets. Some of the benefits of using ClassHero in your classroom are:


  • Automatically differentiated for every student

  • Graded instantly & with live progress monitoring

  • Adds bilingual supports for ELL students


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This month's Heroes' are Frida Kahlo and Dolores Huerta!

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See which schools are leading the charge in math learning

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Join a ClassHero expert for a full overview and demo of ClassHero for Math's teacher and student experience. This 30 minute PD session will go over everything you need to know to start using ClassHero with your students and get answers to any questions.

  • Every Tue & Wed 3:00-4:00pm

  • 30 minutes

  • Zoom link provided

How do I get the printed HeroBadges for my class?

Printed HeroBadges have been purchased for all APS teachers using ClassHero. Your box of HeroBadges can be picked up from your school's Teacher Librarian or Media Coordinator. If your school can't locate your HeroBadges please contact

Fill out our contact form here

You can also print your own HeroBadges by clicking on the purple menu icon in the upper left on your teacher dashboard, navigating to "HeroBadges" and clicking the purple "Download & Print" button in the upper right. Your badges will be downloaded as a printable PDF.

Do I have to pay to use ClassHero for Math in my classroom?

No! ClassHero has been purchased by APS for all it's k-8 teachers. You can start using it today!

Is ClassHero an intervention tool?

ClassHero can be used for intervention, and is perfect tool to use with small groups and individuals. However, ClassHero is primarily a Tier I tool, and is designed to allow you to assign your curriculum to your entire class. The built in differentiation and personalization allows teachers to assign what their teaching in class and be assured that each student will receive skill-practice that is appropriate for their skill level.

Is ClassHero a supplemental math tool?

No. ClassHero is intended to be used as a replacement for paper packets and worksheets, and designed to allow APS teachers to assign their core curriculum, Stepping Stones, as digital math practice that's:

  1. Instantly differentiated for every student

  2. Automatically graded in real-time

  3. Bilingual for immersion & ELL in 30+ languages

How does ClassHero replace worksheets and packets?

Assigning ClassHero for skills-practice is a great alternative to paper-based practice such as worksheets and packets. Unlike paper-practice, ClassHero automatically adds differentiation, grade automatically, makes curriculum bilingual and gives teachers a powerful live-monitoring tool.

Since ClassHero isn't meant to be used as a supplemental tool, you can simply assign what you're teaching in class in ClassHero's teacher dashboard. ClassHero can also be used to assign skills from any grade level to individuals or small groups that are above or below grade level.