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Dr. Aprem T J


Electronics and Communication

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Address : Thakadiyil House

TC 5/2245, New Kowdiar Gardens

Kowdiar PO

Trivandrum 695003


  • 34 years of experience at Indian Space Research Organisation as Scientist in the areas of research, design and development of cutting edge technology Avionics Systems for Launch Vehicle and Satellite Systems. These systems stand apart in novelty, innovation and uniqueness with respect to technology, techniques, application and performance.
  • 10 years experience as Visiting Faculty at Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology. Instrumental in establishing world class Labs and EMI Facility
  • Hands On experience in ISO and Programme Planning and Evaluation activities of the organisation.

Positions Held :

  • Head, RF Systems Development Division
  • Head, Programme Planning & Evaluation Cell, Avionics Entity
  • Deputy Project Director (AVN-PMO), GSLV MKIII
  • Visiting Faculty, Indian Institute of Space Science & Technology
  • Doctoral Committee member of IIST
  • RF System Designer for launch Vehicles & Satellites
  • Project Manager (PMO), ASLV
  • Project Manager (PMO) GSLV
  • Section Head, Pulsed Tracking Systems, RFSD
  • Head, Programme Planning & Evaluation Cell, RF Systems Group
  • Deputy Head, RF Systems Development Division (RFSD)
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  • At STIST :

Educational Profile

  • Ph.D
    • Study of Efficient Modulation and Coding Methods for Launch Vehicle Telemetry
    • Kerala University
  • M.Tech
    • Electronics and Communications Engineering
    • Kerala University
    • College of Engineering, Trivandrum
    • First class with Distinction
  • B.Tech
    • Electronics and Communications Engineering
    • Kerala University
    • College of Engineering Trivandrum
    • First class with Distinction
  • B. Sc
    • Mathematics
    • Kerala University
    • St Berchmans College, Changanacherry
    • Gold Medalist
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management
    • Human Resources
    • IGNOU
    • First Class with Distinction
  • Diploma
    • Management
    • IGNOU
    • First Class

Area of Interest

    1. RF and Microwave
    2. Signal Processing
    3. Embedded Systems


  1. A Method for optimizing the Hamming weight in Turbo code. Application No: 700/CHE/2006A
  2. A Method and a system for noise elimination/ reduction of input signal. Application No: 515/CHE/2005A.
  3. Method and system for pulsed signal strength measurement in Radio frequency signals. Application No: 844/CHE/2004.
  4. A method for generating and implementing a random interleaver for multileaver interleaving.Application No: 2753/CHE/2007.
  5. A random interleaver based on divide and conquer method for Turbo code. Application No: 2753/CHE/2007A
  6. A Telemetry Receiving System for establishing direct communication between spacecraft and/or probes. Application No: 3482/CHE/2010


  1. “NCO- The next generation Oscillators” RF Expo West, San Jose 1994, Apren TJ
  2. “An improved maximum a posterior decoder for turbo codes”, International Symposium on Microwaves (ISM-04) 2004, Apren TJ, Sakunthala S pillai.
  3. “A Novel Turbo Code for deep space telemetry”, XVII Kerala Science Congress 2005, Apren TJ, Sakunthala S Pillai.
  4. “Internet protocol based Trellis Coded Modulated Telemetry System for natural Disaster Warning”, XVIII Kerala Science Congress 2006, Apren TJ, Sakunthala S Pillai.
  5. “Denoising of Radar Signal using Wavelet transtern to enhance signal to noise ratio” International Symposium on Microwaves (ISM-04) 2004, Apren TJ, Y Ashok Kumar.
  6. “Multifunction RF Module”, International Telemetering Conference Proceedings, Ashok Kumar, Apren TJ, Manuvel Nadar.
  7. “Development of an efficient algorithm for computation of time varying sparese signal”, International conference on Information science (ICIS 2016), Sulthana Shafi, Apren TJ, George M Joseph.
  8. “Green Energy from Space Solar Power- A Technical Feasibility Study”, Proceedings of the International Conference on Green Technologies (ICGT) 2012, Sherly Joy, Apren TJ, C Venugopal.
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  10. “Enhancement of weak sinusoidal signals using Advance LTE Techniques” IEEE 4th Intenational Conference on Electronics Computer Technology (ICECT-2012) Neetha George, Sudhis N George, Apren TJ, Lal MJ.
  11. “Reconstruction of Beat Signal in Radar Altimeter using Signal processing” IEEE 3rd International Conference on Advances in Computing and Communications (ICACC 2013), Geomol George, Arun A Balakrishnan, Apren TJ.
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  13. “Quadrature Detection Methods for FM Demodulation”, 3rd International Conference on Advances in Computing and Communication (ICACC) 2013, Sona Sunny, Jaison Varghese John, Apren TJ .
  14. “Design and implementation of digital Costal Loop and Bit synchronizer in FPGA for BPSK demodulation” International Conference on Control Communication and computing ICCC 2013, Roshna TR, Nivin R, Sherly joy, Apren TJ, Arun Alex V.
  15. “FPGA Implementation of Quadrature sampling Digital IF FM Receiver” National Conference on Technology Innovation in Mechatronics, Energy Management and Intelligent Communications (NCTIMEMIC 2017), Sreekanth A, Renu Agarwal, Sherly Joy, Apren TJ.
  16. “Design and Implementation of a Spread Spectrum Based Radar Altimeter”, 5th International Conference on Advances in Computing and Communications (ICACC 2015), Liz Zacharia, MJ Lal, MG Jibukumar, Apren TJ .
  17. “A Novel Technique to Rescind the Transmitter leakage signal in FM-CW Radar Altimeter” International Synopsium on Microwaves 2012 Nivin R, Sherly Joy, Smitha KS, Apren TJ.
  18. “EMI Mitigation Methodology in the FM-CW Radar Altimeter Employing Mixed Signal Processing” International Conference on Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility (INCEMIC) 2012. Nivin R, Sherly Joy, Smitha KS, Apren TJ.
  19. “Design of L Band Cavity Filter for GPS Receiver” International Conference on Communication Systems and networks (ComNet 2016) by Judith Sen E, Shanil Mohammed N, Smitha KS, Sherly Joy, Apren TJ, KK Mukundan.

Duties Assigned

  • IEDC Cell in- charge



  • B Sc Gold Medalist
  • Anubhav Award 2017 by Central Government


  • Life member of “ Society of EMC Engineers”
  • Senior Member, IEEE
  • Board of Research, Development & Consultancy of NICHE / Nooral Islam University
  • Industrial Advisory Committee – LBS Institute of Technology for Women, Poojappura, Trivandrum