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How to install applications incompatible with your version of Android?

Installing applications incompatible with your version of Android is possible, even without having root on your device. Have you ever entered a Google App Play and instead of the download button you have found the message: "Your device is not compatible with this version"?

This is one of Android's most common errors, but it usually doesn't show up often. If you've gone to download an App and this message has appeared, you've certainly been disappointed and you may get angry if you didn't know how to fix this error. The good news is that it is possible to install applications that are incompatible with your version of Android. But how and where can you download them? We'll explain everything below. Stay with us!

Why does the error appear: "Your device is not compatible with this version"?

Although we have said that the error "Your device is not compatible with this version" is one of the most common Android, the truth is that this should almost never appear. When we enter Google Play our device automatically filters the applications of the platform to appear only those that are compatible with the version of our mobile. So if you are looking for a specific App, which is not compatible with your device, it will not appear.

The only way to find incompatible apps for our Android device is to want to download that App from a direct link or by going to the Google Play section: "My apps and games - Collection". The last possibility, and also the most common one, that this error appears is that there has been a failure in the platform and this same message appears in all the applications. If an error has occurred in Google Play and you can't download any App due to this bug, you can fix it by downloading the Google Play APK and restoring it to factory settings.

Troubleshoot "Your device is not compatible with this version" without root

To install applications incompatible with your version of Android what you will do is jump to the middleman, ie jump to Google Play. Many times this incompatibility of which the platform speaks is false and is simply because the developer of the same has decided that the experience would not be optimal in a device like yours. If this is the case, you will be able to skip this "incompatibility" by downloading the APK from the application in discord.

There are several websites from which you can download the APK with total security, such as APKMirror. Once inside this website you should look for the App you want to download and select the variant that best suits your mobile (ARM, X86, DPI). Before starting the download, remember to activate the option to install applications of unknown origin on your mobile. To do this, go to "Settings" > "Security" > "Unknown sources".

When the download is complete, tap on it to start the installation. This is the turning point. Most of the time the incompatibility is not such but there are some occasions when it is real. If during the installation you receive an error message in the process, it is most likely that the App you want to download is available for an architecture different from that of your device, that depends on libraries that are not available or that you need a version of Android higher than the one you have.

If you can't install the APK, there's little else you can do. As a last resort try installing an older version of the App or look for other APKs in the application that may match your mobile's specifications - hopefully you'll be lucky!

Troubleshoot "Your device is not compatible with this version" with root

Market Helper is an application for rooted Android devices. What this application does is "falsify" the identity of the mobile. So, if for example you have a Xiami Mi A1 you can transform it into a Samsung Galaxy S9 in a few seconds. This way, you will never have problems installing applications incompatible with your Android version. Also, this application is very easy to use:

  • Download and install Market Helper on your mobile.
  • Once inside the App, choose an operator and mobile model different from yours.
  • Click on "Activate".
  • Go to Google Play and download the game or App that was not compatible with your device. Remember not to restart your device before downloading the Apps, as it will restore your device to its original specifications.