Superbly Great (Social Chat) Android App

*April 24, 2018 Update

We've added a feature called, "Send to All" which basically create a message that is sent to everyone on your friends list. Just tap the Message button, type your message, then tap the "Send to All" checkbox, press Send. It will inform you how many people received the message and alert you friends that haven't added you yet.

*April 7, 2018 Update

Version 2.0 is here!

Now, in version 2.0, you can see the messages you sent in the "My Messages" section.

You can also save your important messages you received by ticking the check boxes right beside the messages, and clicking the "Save Checked Messages." This will be saved to the "Saved Messages" section.

There is also an added download feature where you can dynamically download your saved messages to your computer or phone (we do not store this on our servers to improve security and privacy of your data).

And of course, you can delete all the saved messages by clicking the "Delete All Saved Messages" link.

Next, you can now delete ALL your messages from Messages and My Messages with one click! Now that's 100% PRIVACY!!!

Version 1.0 (old version)

You could also use your browser. Click here: Superbly Great (new version), Superbly Great (old version) .

• We don't get your email.

• We don't get your real name.

• We don't get your birthday.

• We don't get your credit cards.

• We don't get your interests or hobbies.

• We don't get your info about work or play.

• Heck, you can even delete all your messages.

• No identifiable info about you or your friends.

• Even when this site is hacked, they will only see a stupid username and a stupid password and your friends' stupid messages that you can delete everything in a single-click!

• No problem, worry-free!

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Just a strong username and password and you are ready to chat for FREE!

To sign-up, just put a unique username, password and answer the question (you can Google it). Once done, it will automatically log you in. If you didn't automatically log-in, your username is already taken so, you must put another username and a valid password (must be 10 or less characters long).

After signing up, add your friend by putting your friend's username (should be exact) and click the Add Friend button. Both you and your friend should add his or her username in order for you can message each other.

If you lost your password, just create another account.

Note: If you cannot correctly answer the questions (captcha), here is the list for it:

Question - Answer

Is potato a fruit? VEGETABLE


Who sang the song Bad Blood? TAYLOR SWIFT

What is the name of the evil robot in the movie Avengers? ULTRON

What is the abbreviation for central processing unit? CPU

Who is the amazing web crawler? SPIDERMAN

Who invented Linux? LINUS TORVALDS

Who co-founded Apple Inc.? STEVE JOBS

Who founded Microsoft? BILL GATES

What band who sang the song: 'All You Need Is Love' BEATLES

Who is the first comic book superhero? THE PHANTOM

Who is the father of Luke Skywalker? ANAKIN SKYWALKER

What year was star wars first released? 1977

Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded what company? GOOGLE

Amazon is founded by whom? JEFF BEZOS

What is the oldest living dinosaur TUATARA

What is the last book in the Christian bible? REVELATIONS

What is the fastest car in the world? BUGATTI VEYRON

What is the cleanest renewable energy? SOLAR ENERGY

Who is the first man created? ADAM

So simple!

How to use the search bar? (This feature is coming soon!)

If you want to jump to a particular part of the page, just type:

*f - For Friends List.

*m - For messages.

*n - For news.

*h - For help.

*s<space>search term - To launch Google Chrome Browser to search.

Tip: You could also type any word to search in the page.

We have also added voice conferencing on-line (Android app will be updated soon!) You could use Google Chrome Browser for this feature. Click here: Superbly Great (new version), Superbly Great (old version) .


TIP: If you need to share files, documents, pictures and videos, it is easier if you use Google Drive. All you have to do is upload all your files to Google Drive, then share the link on Superbly Great as a message. Then, just copy the link and paste it on your browser address bar on top. That's it!

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Simpler News FREE!

Here's how simple it is:

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2. Turn on your WIFI or Mobile Data.

3. Tap the "Save" button and wait for the progress bar to finish. Note: The Save button is located inside the Menu by tapping the three-dotted line at the upper right corner of the screen.

4. Tap the "Refresh" button.

There you Go! You can turn-off your WIFI or data and tap on the items to read in full detail even you are offline and without Internet connection (some items are not available for offline).

So, simple!

Note: If you wish to see the images and videos, just turn on your WIFI and tap "View Website."

So, easy!

If you want to learn more, press the option button (three dotted line) and tap "Help."

**Simpler News FREE works on Android 4.0.3 and above!**

We made this news app as simple as possible without requiring you to learn tons of features you don't need but only the essentials.

Some news items can be read offline for daily commute on the bus, train or airport where there is limited or no Internet connection.

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Why BBC?

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We hope you'll find our Simpler News app to be simple yet very useful.

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