We serve a diverse client portfolio including institutions of higher education, local and state government, and non-profit organizations. Our client needs vary from data management and archiving plans to predictive analytic modeling. Designing workflow is key to maximizing efficiency and success. Our services are provided to meet our clients "where they are" - meaning, our communication reaches varied levels of users, from IT to analysts to executives.

We help our customers use and understand their data to grow their business and increase efficiency. We use the same software and systems  available to our clients and therefore create nothing proprietary which requires a long time commitment or highly specialized users. We fill in gaps of technical and analytic knowledge for our clients.  

Legacy Data Retention

We are assisting a client in determining the best practices in creating a consistent systems for archiving, retention, and migration of physical and electronic, sensitive data. Archived data must be compliant with state and federal regulations and contractual requirements.

Database Development 

Developing a relational database using standard software geared toward non-technical users to generate reports and visualizations of historical and current data currently captured in a highly structured system. 

(image by Benis Arapovic)

Port & Harbor Traffic

Designed a searchable database and mapping visualizations to understand and "see" marina and harbor traffic over time. This enabled the identification of routes, ship type, and global impact.   

(photo by Marvo Guidi)