Weathered Monarch found downeast Maine this past weekend!

Celebrating the harvest!

Charlotte, Leader of the Week September 23, 2018

Harvesting studies!

Tess Wiggins Gionet

On the last days of summer children picked zinnias...

...and measured themselves next to the garden.

The zinnias were taller than some of us.

We brought a blank piece of paper out ....

and one by one the artist approached the canvas

and filled it with pink zinnias.

Meet Caroline! Appletree School's new teacher. Welcome Caroline!

Welcome back, Molly! Molly is with us for another year after successfully graduating from college last year!

Learning about monarch butterflys.

Little pupa on painting of butterfly! See it up close just below.

What stage is this?

Welcome to Appletree School! pictured left to right-Caroline, Amy, Carrie, Pam and Molly.

Hiking out back!

Harvest from the pumpkin patch!

Science and art!

Alumni visiting! Former Appletree School students visiting Pam and Appletree last Saturday!

Why do spiders make webs?

Appletree school mateys on board the USS Appletree!

Grape picking!

Play ball! Whose your favortie baseball team?

What do you get when you mash the grapes?

Hunting for pumpkins!

All in a day's work!